Page31 caught up with three members of one of the most promising groups in Hip-Hop, Black Hippy, to discuss Ab-Soul’s recent comments regarding a group album to which he said “Never Ever”.
Soul, Rock, and Q give their take on the question and discuss reasons for this heartbreak.

“It’ll never come out right. When the hardest niggas always get together, it never comes out right”: said Schoolboy Q, who also gave the reason that the four of them are too occupied doing their own thing right now that the chances of them getting in the studio together are very slim.

The three emcees discuss other things with Page31, such as Jay Rock’s “YOLA” joint, the “Unnecessary” collabo between Ab Soul and Childish Gambino, TDE cypher, favorite TDE moments, Kendrick Lamar’s new album, and much more.

Check out the interview with Page31 below:

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