TDE’s Ab-Soul is growing impatient waiting on an official release date for his upcoming solo album that he’s thinking about just leaking the album like it’s a mixtape.

Soulo took to Twitter [@Abdashsoul] to vent and revealed that he’s thinking about leaking the album.

He tweeted:

“I’m this close to just leakin my shit like its a mixtape.”

In response to a fans tweet, Ab-Soul says he’s growing impatient:

“im gettin very impatient shorty ma! young nigga tryinna move this dope!”


It is believed that the album Ab-Soul is referring to is Black Lip Pastor, possibly with a new title that hasn’t been revealed yet, due to the fact that back in October of last year, he took to Twitter an announced the album was just about complete and urged on fans to hit up TDE CEO Top Dawg with the hash-tag #BlackLipPastor to let him know that they’re ready for some new Soul.

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Also, back in January, it was reported that Soulo took to Twitter and revealed that he has turned in two albums to the label to be released in 2014.

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View Ab’s tweet from Jan below: