Earlier this week, 50 Cent was in Paris doing promo for his SMS Audio Headphone line at the Virgin Megastore. As part of the promo run, 50 sat down for an interview and spoke on his headphone line, his upcoming album and a few other topics.

During the interview while speaking on Street King Immortal, which is slated for a November 13th release, 50 Cent revealed the date hasn’t been changed yet, but it may be delayed, although it is complete. The pending delay comes as part of the process of getting the paper work done due to the fact it’s his final album on Interscope.

50 Cent explains:

It was scheduled to be released November 13th, but we haven’t moved the date yet, and it’s already a year late. It’s usually 2 years in my cycle. On this cycle it was a lot longer, because it’s the final album requirement for Interscope, and we went through an audit type situation until we got it all cleared up and everybody’s ready to work, so it’s ready to come out.

50 adds:

I finished it, and I’m happy with the actual record. I feel as it’s as good, if not better than what I did in the beginning with Get Rich and The Massacre. But I’ve learned to adjust pretty well to people judging me as an artist as people look at the material and try to be critics, more than fans, but I’m my biggest critic, and if I believe it’s good enough I believe most of them will feel like that too.

Watch 50’s interview below  (head to the 3:45 mark of the clip to hear him speak on the album’s pending delay).