50 Cent recently spoke on being on the Forbes list for 10 years straight, about his new album, which is his 5th and final album with Interscope and he’ll release it with our without support from the label on July 3rd, because he says he doesn’t need his record to sell to make money. 50 also goes onto speak the status of G-Unit, and why he will not let the pressure off of Young Buck’s neck anytime soon and more.

50 speaks with AHH about the Forbes list:

“I been on the Forbes list 10 years straight – consecutively. I’ve been on a motherf*cking lunch break and I’m still there. Ive been on vacation. Now I tell you I’ve been hustling in a different way, and it’s paying off.”

The stand-out part of the interview(which comes in at -1:40 of the audio) 50 explains why he wont ease up on Young Buck:

“Where I’m from we got a code of conduct we follow: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Right after I paid the IRS $250,000 he’s still being disrespectful and saying all the crazy stuff he was saying. N***as is lucky you don’t just kill ‘em. N***as shot me for $5,000.”

Listen to 50’s interview with AHH below, and find out what else he has to say: