50 Cent recently sat down with Jenny Boom Boom of Hot 93.7 and spoke about G-Unit’s upcoming mixtape and album, his Black Mafia Family (BMF) movie and more. 50 says a G-Unit mixtape is coming soon, followed by a new album due out by the end of the year.

“G-Unit album will be late November, early December. Yeah, the mixtape is coming. We did that one last night…It feels good to just be back in work mode…They never had issues with each other. It’s always my issue with [one of them]…Well, when they have that point—that energy is pointed towards me, it feels weird because we rode my wave to the beach. You know what I’m saying?”

With his show “Power” a hit on Starz, 50 is already working on a new movie Black Mafia Family (BMF) – one of 10 film projects he says he’s received funding for.

“It was a project that was brought to us by Lionsgate,” he said. “And with Barry and Stan and them over at Grindstone. They talked to us about it and then I said I’d actually do it. So, I put the BMF movie together and made sure it’s done properly…The rights to the actual film was already [packaged]. So, it’s like I was able to pick it up because somebody has to execute the finances connected to it. And that’s what I do. I raised $200 million. We broke it into 10 pictures. Sold the rest of the rights to Lionsgate.”

Here’s the interview: