As Def Sounds previously reported, 50 Cent opened up about issues with Lloyd Banks, and at the time said the 2 haven’t spoken to each other in 9 months. Now 50 Cent speaks on distancing himself from Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, but at the same time says he doesn’t believe the original G-Unit run is over, and he breaks down what has to be done to get it back moving in the right direction… as well as a few other topics concerning his crew.

During a recent interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106, 50 Cent speaks on his current standing with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

“It’s interesting, when we were growing up, people have habits that they refuse to change. I looked at the situation and say to myself a lot of it I have to take responsibility for, because Ive enabled them to a point that they don’t feel that they have to do anything.”

50 adds:

“Now they have this way if something is uncomfortable, they just don’t deal with it. You have to look at them and say they dont have a manager, Ive been managing them for their entire careers. They made 8.7-9 million dollars a piece. I did that for them. When I told them at the top of last yeah that they have to find managers, because I have to focus on other things, I have other projects. I’m on a movie set and they want to call me and say, can you go do this, I need to set up a show?”

Fif speaks on Yayo

“He’s involved more, but he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do. He just looks and goes, whatever. He always said “these fools think they’re here because of us, we’re here because of 50 fool.” But he’s been saying that since the beginning. But now, like c’mon we’ve been here too long for it not to be because of you.”

When asked if the old G-Unit days are over, 50 says:

“I Don’t think it’s actually over, they just have to get themselves together.”

Listen to 50’s interview with Big Boy to hear what else he has to say, below: