50 Cent addresses the current state of the music industry and the decline in record sales across the industry, while admitting that he will never sell big numbers again, but he will continue to make music for the love of it.

During an interview with HardKnockTV as part of their SXSW interview series, 50 Cent addressed the state of Hip Hop, and the ever declining record sales across the music industry.

50 explains:

I’ll never sell 13 million records again. I’ll never sell 10 million records again. I don’t think anybody’s going to do it. It’s a different business. It’s a different thing and I’m cool with that.

The G-Unit boss says although he will never do numbers like he did in the past, he will continue to make music for the love of it.

I’m making music, because I love it and it’s why I’m here. There’s nothing that can actually compare to when it’s right to what it feels like when it’s right. When the music is just dead right and it’s like whoa that energy that’s there.

Fif adds:

Man that’s some special kind of high that you get addicted to and you’ll chase it for the rest of your actual career. When you feel that feeling, whether it’s your first album, second album, third album, just a single. Because some artists have a career just long enough for one song. But when you feel what that feeling is. You’re not going to replace it.

Watch 50 Cent’s interview with HardKnockTV as he also speaks on Eminem, Rick Ross, his upcoming Street King Immortal album, says Hip Hop has turned to pop, and much more, below: