Chief Keef’s been in the headlines very much of late due to threatening Lupe Fiasco and also laughing off a rival Chicago rapper’s death, which has caused an ongoing police investigation against Keef. With all the news breaking around Keef, 50 Cent spoke on the teenage rapper.

In a recent interview with Ryan Cameron on Atl’s V103, 50 Cent says he likes the idea of Chief Keef:

“I like the idea of Chief Keef. The same way I like the idea of Soulja Boy cause I like the idea of someone having a hit at sixteen. He’s actually my son’s age. So without the success that I’ve had, my son could have potentially been Chief Keef…When I look at their situations and I go, ‘Wow, that’s what Hip-Hop culture [does] it allows people to come from completely nothing to make it.”

50 addressed Keef threatening Lupe:

“The things that Lupe said about Chief Keef I don’t think he said that about him. I think he said it about the actual element, the environment. There’s no way that you don’t personalize it when a person is saying you, talking about you. So when he responded by saying he’s gonna smack him or whatever it’s just cause you keep attacking me. And I’m sitting here, you attacking me, and what am I supposed to do?”

As the interview continued, 50 spoke on Keef being investigated for the murder of Lil Jojo:

“Chicago had 158 homicides this summer, 38 of them was teens. So when they gotta go through an investigation to make sure that that’s actually someone affiliated with Chief Keef. You can’t just put that on ‘em because the boy made a diss song and he out there. If he’s out there and he’s active and you saw all those guns the boys had in that video. It shows that it’s an actual part of their culture.”

Listen to 50’s interview with V103 as he also touches on Dr Dre, “New Day,” Oprah, Street King Immortal & More, below: