Following his departure from Interscope, 50 Cent continued the promo run for his upcoming album, Animal Ambition, and spoke on his former label turning into “Beats Records.”

During a recent Sirius XM Town Hall interview, via MTV, 50 Cent spoke on Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats headphone line taking over Interscope, and it making him leave the label.

50 explained:

“Not that there wasn’t a whole lot of support, but just an actual fear factor created from the aura of respect that Jimmy[Iovine] has within the Interscope system”

He adds:

When you see Interscope turn into Beats Records, where everyone that you see is actually marketing Beats headphones — you don’t even see a music video without Beats headphones in it.”

50 continued:

“So, when the only task from the actual video department is to make sure that I don’t put my headsets in the actual video — and then when we do see a rough cut, I see SMS Audio that I had on my hat is blurred out of the music video… “I’ve never had a record company at any point… decide to alter the artist’s clothing.”

Watch a portion of 50’s Sirius XM Town Hall interview as he speaks on Interscope turning into Beats Records below: