As Def Sounds reported earlier this week, 50 Cent revealed that he’s planning to release a new project at the top of 2014 entitled Animal Ambition. Now, 50 discusses the project as well as the status of his recent endeavors and other happenings in Hip Hip.

During a recent interview with XXL while at the launch party for his new SMS headphones, 50 Cent touched on multiple topics such as his upcoming project, Animal Ambition, the difference between him and Kendrick Lamar, his latest endeavors, Kanye wanting to be a part of high end fashion, Lil Wayne going through the same process as Kanye with skateboarding and more.

50 talks Animal Ambition:

[Animal Ambition] is something I just came up with that I was inspired to write, so I just been writing that and it will be out before the Street King Immortal project.

He adds that there will be videos for every song on the project:

I’ll release it as a solid piece, one body. It will have music videos for every song, but I’ll wait until they start to choose what records they like.

As Fif continues, he compares Animal Ambition to his War Angel LP:

I wouldn’t call it a mixtape, because it has album quality material, [and] it’s structured like an album more than mixtape material where I’ll take the popular record at the time, and redo it. This tape is all original. The only thing I can compare it to that I’ve done in the past is the War Angel LP.

Watch 50 Cent’s interview with XXL below: