In the past it seemed as if 50 Cent had issues with Oprah Winfrey, as she seemingly had it out for Hip Hop artists, but times are changing and Oprah had 50 Cent on her show on the OWN Network for an interview.

During the interview, 50 touched on many topics with Oprah… Topics include 50 Cent believing that Oprah didn’t like him based on the lyrical content of his music, then they went to speak the loss of Fif’s mother at the age of 8, getting shot 9 times, why he named his dog Oprah, the difference between 50 Cent and Curtis Jackson, his Street King campaign, and a whole lot more.

Watch 50 Cent’s interview with Oprah, below:

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

The 2nd half of the interview will air next week at 8pm EST on the OWN Network.