Previously reported by Def Sounds, Hip Hop mogul Chris Lighty passed away of an apparent suicide last month, but many people can’t believe he would take his own life; one person in serious disbelief is Lighty’s own mother.

With Lighty’s mother being very skeptical that her son would commit suicide, 50 Cent has stepped in at her request and has hired a high power team of investigators to look into the death of Lighty who was 50’s long-time business manager, and played a very large part in all the success 50 has had.

At the time of Lighty’s death, it was reported that he committed suicide outside his Bronx apartment after an argument with his estranged wife. And that he ended his life because he was going through some financial hardships.

According to 50, Lighty was not in a financial hole and that he had just secured a world tour for 50 Cent for next year, which would have earned him millions of dollars.

Watch the Fox News 5 report on the investigation of Lighty’s death, and an interview with 50 Cent explaining why he hired the team of investigators, below.

50 Cent interview with Fox News 5:

(The embed doesnt seem to be working, so if you cant see it ) Hit the link [here] to watch 50 Cent’s interview with Fox News 5 NY explaining why he hired the team of investigators to look into Lighty’s death.