As Def Sounds previously reported, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather had a war of words on Twitter and Instagram. Now, it comes to light that 50 Cent is trying to take a one-up on Floyd Jr. as the rapper has hired his former good friends father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., to train one of his fighters, Andre Dirrell.

In a recent interview with boxing reporter Chris Robinson, Floyd Mayweather Sr. spoke on training 50 Cent’s fighter, Andre Dirrell, the issues that 50 has with Floyd, him falling out with his son, and more.

On training 50’s fighter Andre Dirrell:

I talked to 50 Cent, [Andre Dirrell] is 50 Cent’s fighter. He asked me if I would train him. He said ‘please say yes.’ I told him no problem.

As the interview continued, he explained that 50′s beef is with his son:

Listen here, that’s 50 and Floyd and I’m Floyd Sr., I don’t even know nothing about it.

Mayweather Sr. states that he hasn’t spoken to Floyd Jr. since he was released from jail earlier this year:

Whatever happened, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna talk one day. He’s not pressed to talk to me. He got out of jail, and I aint heard from him, I haven’t seen him. It’s on him. That’s my son. If that’s the way he wants to be, fine, because he couldn’t have done none of this without me.

This isnt the first time that 50 Cent has brought a family member of the person he is beefing with in the middle of their feud. In 2009, 50 got Rick Ross’ baby mother [Tia] and son involved in his beef with Rozay, and Floyd Mayweather wasn’t a stranger to that situation, as he was right by 50’s side with Ross’ son, and sons mother. You can view a photo of 50, Mayweather, Ross’ kids, and kids mother [here].

Watch Mayweather Sr.’s interview with Chris Robinson below:

Footage of one of Mayweather Sr.’s first training sessions with Andre Dirrell: