As previously reported, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather had a war of words on multiple social networks. Then 50 came out, and said the beef was staged for publicity, because no-one was paying attention to Floyd after his 60 day jail sentence. Well billionaire Alki David and Celebrity Boxing Owner Damon Feldman believe the beef is real and offered the 2 former friends a huge payout if they step in the ring and take their frustrations out with each other.

According to multiple reports, 50 and Floyd would receive $10 million, or each man would receive $5 million to publicly step in the ring one on one and knuckle up.

If the fight takes place, the rules would be as stated; the men will have to wear headgear and the oversized boxing gloves for the three two-minute rounds.

Billionaire Alki David gave a statement on setting up the 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather fight:

Alki said:

50 has been Boxing for years and has a sizeable difference over Floyd but it equals out with Floyd’s experience.

Alki most recently offered Chris Brown and Drake $5 Million each to settle their issues the ring. Brown accepted the challenge, but Drake pulled out of the potential fight.