New York rapper 50 Cent is facing a lawsuit from an author who is claiming that the G-Unit general took the idea for his album/movie combo Before I Self Destruct from his book.

According to the author Shadrach Winstead, 50 Cent stole the idea for Before I Self Destruct from his book  The Preacher’s Son-But The Streets Turned Me Into A Gangster.

The lawsuit against 50 Cent was filed in a United States District Court of New Jersey and it is uncertain how much compensation Winstead is seeking from the rapper. Winstead is also seeking retribution from profits earned from both the Before I Self Destruct album and movie.

The  complaint filed in court stated “The defendant infringed the copyright by publishing and selling an audio visual work (a movie released in DVD format), coupled with an audio recording (“recordings”). In many cases, the content and word choice used by Defendants in their work is identical to that used in Plaintiff’s book.”

50 Cent or his camp has yet to respond to the lawsuit as of press time.