On the set of the video for 50 Cent’s new single “My Life” that features Eminem, MTV News caught up with Fif and Em, and the two hinted at recording a collaborative album.

As Em and 50 chopped up with MTV they hinted on recording a Watch The Throne type album, as they said:

50: “What did you say, Watch The Throne?”

Em: “I’m just here to hang out”

50: “He (Paul Rosenberg) wants me and Em on one album like Watch The Throne., an EP maybe?”

Em: “No pressure, no pressure”

50: “No pressure at all”

Although the video was cut short, and they really didn’t get all that much into a collaborative album, Eminem confirmed multiple features on 50’s Street King Immortal album, as he said:

“We actually got a couple of songs on this album too. We have another song off of this album,”

As Em continued, he spoke on 50’s story telling ability:

“He can paint a picture with his words when he’s telling a story that hooks you in and that was one of things that I was really tryna drive home is that point to him when he was making this album.”

Watch 50 and Eminem’s brief interview with MTV News below.

Another clip of 50 and Em on the set of “My Life.”

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