As Def Sounds previously reported, 50 Cent blasted French Montana on Twitter after French made some not so flattering comments about 50’s recent record sales. Then last week an interview with DJ Drama surfaced with French Montana claiming that he is the most important person over in the Interscope building, while adding that “donkey” [50 Cent] isn’t doing too good. It looks like that set Fif off as he decided to go in on French.

During a recent interview with Mr. Peter Parker, 50 Cent breaks down his issues with French Montana:

As 50 spoke on French, he says:

Look, what we got in the French Montana case, I’ll break it down for you, so you have it. He was around in the early stages, but as an actual DVD guy, that’s the DVD guy to shoot footage for the DVD. He got gassed up, he runs his mouth prematurely. He’s not ready to compete on any level with me.

He adds:

When I drop a record and it becomes the #1 selling record in 12 hours after you saying that. I think you should be quiet a little bit. We should hear the crickets now.

As 50 continues, he said he’ll put French out of business:

I’ll put him completely out of business; I’ll put him completely off the block, up the corner. He only had one song and you didn’t even care about it because it was him, it had 4 other people on it.

50 continued:

That’s your new Ja Rule right now. He’s gonna be the new Ja Rule.

Listen to 50 Cent’s interview with Mr. Peter Parker as he also speaks on Powerball, Floyd Mayweather and more, below.