As Def Sounds previously reported in July, 50 Cent was facing up to five years in prison as he was charged with domestic violence and vandalism after the rapper allegedly kicked his second child’s mother, Daphne Joy, and destroyed property in her Los Angeles condo.

Now, 50 had his day in a California courtroom, and the rapper avoided a prison term, but was sentenced to probation, community service, and must pay restitution to Joy, and attend counseling.

According to TMZ, 50 Cent has struck a plea deal with prosecutors that kept him out of prison.

With the plea deal in place, the charge of domestic violence with dismissed and he only had to cop out to one count of misdemeanor vandalism.

As a result of the plea deal, 50 was sentenced to 3 years of unsupervised probation and 30 days of community service.

The report from TMZ also notes that 50 has agreed to attend counseling sessions and pay $7,100 in restitution to Joy.

To add, as it was reported back in August, the judge in case ordered that the 50 turn in his guns while issuing an order of protection for Joy against the rapper.

Although the domestic violence charge was dismissed, the restraining order is still effective, but it is still unknown if 50 will be able to get his guns back.

50’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, gave a statement on the outcome of the rapper’s case to the NY Daily News:

We’re glad that the domestic charge was dismissed, and he took this agreement just to put the whole matter behind him and get on with his life.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office originally charged 50 Cent with five criminal counts for the incident, which included one count of domestic violence, and four counts of misdemeanor vandalism, which caused $7,100 in damage.