Back in July, it was reported by DS that Game and his entourage jumped 40 Glocc after an L.A. mansion party where Game filmed himself getting the best of his rival Cali rapper, and proceeded to leak the footage onto the internet. Now 40 Glocc is suing Game over the altercation.

As reported by TMZ, 40 Glocc has filed a lawsuit against Game over the altercation that took place over the summer after a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills.

According to the lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, 40 Glocc alleges he was leaving the party when he was jumped by Game and his entourage for no reason, and Game filmed the incident on his phone and leaked the footage to Youtube.

The suit also reads that 40 Glocc claims the leaked footage does not tell the full story as the rapper states that after the film stopped rolling, Game chased him with a gun while yelling, “Freeze or I’ma shoot, n*gga,” and he tried to escape, but Game wouldn’t let him as he caught up, pointed the gun at his chest and told him not to fight back or he would “end it right now.”

Due to beating that he took, 40 Glocc alleges that he suffered major injuries to his right eye, ribs, kidneys, right shoulder, back, head, legs, arms and hands.

40 Glocc is suing for unspecified damages for assault and battery, and for damage to his “thug” reputation by portraying him as a coward on the video footage leaked to Youtube.

Update: Game takes to Twitter and replies to 40 Glocc’s lawsuit.

View Game’s tweets below responding to the suit from 40: