Earlier this week, details of 40 Glocc’s lawsuit filed against Game were revealed and 40 is seeking a huge payday of $4.54 million from the Compton rapper. Now, for the first time, 40 Glocc speaks out on the suit, and explains why he should be compensated for the incident.

During a recent interview with VladTV, 40 Glocc addresses his suit filed against and Game, and explains why he thinks he deserves a pay out.

When asked why he filed the lawsuit, 40 explains:

I mean, as far as the lawsuit, I looked at it as what he did. He didn’t do that as no street sh*t. I looked at it more of he did it as an entertainment purpose.

He adds:

So if it’s an entertainment purpose, “Hey, I’m an entertainer. I get paid to entertain.’” You made that fake ass movie, and made a fake ass edit, and lied about everything that took part, but you did it to assassinate me. And as an entertainer I’m like I get compensated. You know I do movies. I done did movies, films, TV, videos. So I get paid to entertain on that side of it. And at the same time I seen it as like – as if that was some real sh*t and it wasn’t entertainment purposes, you wouldn’t have recorded no sh*t like that and put it out for that because that’s like letting the authorities know.

He continued:

You look it like you’re trying to play both sides of the fence at the same time. You’re involving authorities, you want them to know, versus just to let it be gossip or talk… So I look at like there was nothing 100 about it, there was nothing street about it. So I look at like, I get compensated for entertainment. 

Watch 40 Glocc’s interview with VladTV and hear what else he has to say about filing suit, below: