Despite appearing and performing with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music clique several times in the past, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is not officially part of the crew.

In a recent interview, 2 Chainz discussed the topic. “We been talking about it all the time. DONDA, which is his expertise team, they actually helped me with the album packaging. We combine ideas and all these theories on just trying to get me to have an iconic image for my album package. He had something to do with that and we talk all the time. It’s just that I came from a situation where I was under artists already. He completely understands that. The thing that I think we do with each other is push each other as far as the competition level.”

2 Chainz also discussed his first run in the business. “Some people don’t know, but this is like my second go around. I had a look earlier around ’07-’08 with Lil Wayne, ‘Duffle Bag Boy.’ So that was kinda my start. I went by Tity Boi. I dropped two major albums through Def Jam and DTP that didn’t do well at all.” 2 Chainz continued, “But it didn’t affect my confidence. I just took the bitter with the sweet. I realized that time that wasn’t my moment, but I never stopped working. It’s been over a decade and you learn to appreciate when it’s not overnight, I learned that…I notice when people get in the game they come with a song and then they have to try to come with a body of work to complement their song. With me I always felt like I had the body of work I just needed the song.”

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