Just a couple of days after possibly being robbed in San Francisco, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz’ has been arrested on drug charges at LAX airport.

As reported by TMZ, 2 Chainz has been booked on charges of felony narcotics possession as he was busted with Promethazine, which is one of the two main ingredients in “sizzurp.” The rapper was also found to be in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Sources told the publication that the 35 year old 2 Chainz was arrested as he was in LAX’s terminal 5 attempting to board the airplane.

This arrest marks the rapper’s second arrest on drug charges this year. Back in February, Tity was charged with possession of marijuana in Maryland, but the case was thrown out of court as the judge ruled there was not enough evidence to prove the weed found in the rapper’s tour van belonged to him.

Stay tuned to DS as we will keep you updated if any more details about 2 Chainz’ drug arrest are made available.