2 Chainz was arrested at LaGuardia Airport in New York today, after TSA airport security discovered what is thought to be brass knuckles in his carry-on bag.

As reported by TMZ, 2 Chainz was entering the Delta terminal to fly to a show in North Carolina when the TSA discovered brass knuckles (or 4 finger ring) in his bag.

Police were called to the scene and 2 Chainz was detained and booked for misdemeanor charges of possession of a criminal weapon.

The latest reports have 2 Chainz still in custody.

DJ Drama recently put some light on the situation as he tweeted a pic of 2 Chainz and himself where Chainz is wearing a 4 finger ring, and Big Sean confirmed it’s the 4 finger ring that 2 Chainz had on him.

So it looks like TSA has made a mistake… check out the pic of Drama and 2 Chainz and Big Sean’s tweet, below.

Def Sounds will keep you updated.

Updated: 2 Chainz released from custody

2 Chainz was released from police custody late last night after he was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for possessing what authorities believed were brass knuckles. It turns out DJ Drama and Big Sean were correct as the New York police mistakenly believed the Atlanta rapper’s 4-fingered ring was brass knuckles.