Last night, 2 Chainz was arrested for marijuana possession following a traffic stop in Maryland.

As reported by TMZ, around 10 PM ( 2.14.13), 2 Chainz was traveling in a white van with six other passengers when Maryland State Police pulled the vehicle over, and the passengers were searched, and 2 Chainz subsequently arrested for possessing marijuana.

The rapper was the only passenger out of the six to be detained.

2 Chainz was taken into the police station and booked, and eventually released. Before he had a chance to leave the station, the arresting officers asked the rapper to pose for a picture with him.

Following his release, 2 Chainz took to his Twitter page and vented his frustration with the Maryland State Police as he said they wanted pictures, and that he didn’t have any weed on him, only a grinder, and it wasn’t even his, it belonged to his security.

Chainz tweeted:

Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh. We to jail for a grinder??? REALLY??? … I work hard and pray even harder , we gone always b good yall…. Not to mention my security said it was his and they said , he don’t smoke ,, how da fuk u know? Haha wut a valentines day!!!