KanYe’s G.O.O.D. Friday started a few months back and fans went ecstatic over new KanYe West music that would lead all the way up to the release of his upcoming album. As the weeks rolled on Yeezy never disappointed, dropping a track every Friday, or early Saturday, as promised. Then something odd happened, the tracklist for Yeezy’s upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy leaked, sporting 13 tracks, more than half of those tracks were used for G.O.O.D Friday. And when you add in the actual leaks of songs like Lost In The World, Hell Of A Life & a snippet of All Of The Lights, that leaves a total of 3 songs I haven’t heard from the album and it doesn’t drop for 3 more weeks. So you can see why some people might be bothered by such a decision to ‘leak’ your own music, but I believe this is one of the better things for Hip Hop.

The biggest downside when a song or album has leaked, is that the leak will take away from the lure of the final product, like the final version of a song, or it takes away from an album as a whole. To counter that, artists put out singles to promote their album, but as everybody knows albums aren’t moving units these days. Did KanYe find the perfect counter? By leaking your own music you can dictate what’s heard and when. You also can cut-down on others leaking your music because YOU supply the streets with the final product.

Some will say, why should they go out and buy an album when more than half of the songs were given away by the artist for free a full month before the release of the album? It’s a fact the album would’ve leaked two weeks before it hit shelves anyway, so the fact you get some songs early due to the artist should only help you decide if you want to purchase the album, not give you the indication you shouldn’t buy the album because it was given to you for “free”.

Now I will ask the community, are you gonna go out and buy Yeezy’s album even though he leaked most of the tracks and will the leaks take away from the final project when it finally drops?