What’s good with my DS folks? It’s a beautiful snowy day here in Milwaukee, drinking my morning coffee, and watching Step Brothers for the 744691274035th time. Before I take care of bizness and head to work, and the f*ckery commences. Anyway… I’ve been seeing a few requests for some more blogs, so I figured I’d give the people what they want. Nay, what they need. No specific topic in mind so I’ll just let y’all know what’s been on my mind.

First topic of the day, blogs. I’m blogging about blogs, suck on that next level sh*t Lupe. Anyway, I promised WF a blog about the interview I did with Julius Luciano of Horseshoe GANG. For a minute I lost it with the Frank Ocean-Nas collab, but the glorious Buddha returned it to me. I’m getting to it, I promise. It’s really its just a matter of listening to the recording and typing it up, but as I always say you cant rush perfection. Yo, Rapper Rich wtf happened to the throwback of the week? where’s Jeff Bridges’ retirement blog Ded?

The GOAT and the second biggest gold-digger after Miss Kardashian, recently welcomed their son, Sebastian Taylor (I couldn’t help but smile at the middle name) into the world. The second coming is upon us. In Wiz We Trust. (What you don’t know is, in those blankets is actually 5 pounds of the dopest dope you’ll ever smoke!)

I was kind of surprised that there wasn’t any discussion of Chris Dorner on DS. I know e2e was on that sh*t on Twitter. Matter of fact I’m betting that you saw his ass on one of your trips. Did he make it out of the cabin? It’s crazy though. I believe everything he claims and really feel for him. I don’t blame him for the murder spree. LAPD is the biggest and most dangerous gang in Cali, straight up.Dorner

It’s been a minute since a Wayne track got any significant spins on my iPod, but I’m liking this “Love Me” track, that will be on IANAHB 2, I believe. Minimal Future and Drake, little to no auto-tune and a few quotables. Like these gems:

-“she say i never wanna make you mad, i just wanna make you proud. i say baby just make me cum, then dont make a sound”

-“all my bitches love me and i love all my bitches, but its like soon as i cum, i come to my senses”

Nothing real dope or deep, but def relatable and funny. I mean if you cant relate to that sh*t, get off ya ass and get some ass ya ass. Although with all the f*ckery he’s been pulling lately, I’m betting Weezy’s back on the lean.

Other tunes I’ve been listening to lately:
No Love Lost – Budden (pleasantly surprised by this album)
New Jet City – Spitta
Millions – Pusha ft. Officer Ricky.

sh*t knocks

A$AP Rocky – his music just never gets old to me
Power Trip – Cole ft. Miguel
Started From the Bottom Remix – Wiz
Youre Gone – Soulo & JMSN

A lot of OutKast and Nas stations on Pandora. Here’ s some of my fav tracks that come on those stations:

New music I’m looking forward to:
Ab-Soul and JMSN – Unit 6
Yela – Trunk Muzik Returns
J. Cole – Born Sinner
Juicy J – Stay Trippy
BTNH – Art of War 3

Wiz and Spitta – Live in Concert
Meth & Red- BO3
Pusha’s album
JTs album
Some new KRIT & Em

This is the first year of my life I didn’t watch any of All Star weekend. and frankly idgaf. That sh*t is lame. F*ck the “rising stars” make some household names do that ish. How people can say this era of the NBA can f*ck with the Golden Era (MJ, Larry and Magics time) is beyond me. Just cuz players are faster, stronger, jump higher and overall more athletic does NOT make them better players. Bron bron is on a roll, but he’s still never f*ckin’ with Kobe, let alone MJ. Lets go Celtics!Rondo

GOAT and my future ex-wife

That f*ck boy Wac Miller has a TV show on MTV now. Words cant describe how much I cant stand that fag

Apparently Royce’s bitch gave her emotions up XD :  Slaughterhouse “Microphone” Lyrics – Royce’s explanation.

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like Sublime

I’ll leave y’all with a question that has been nagging me for the past week or so. Who would you consider as the greatest Hip Hop group off all time? I think thats harder to choose than the best MC of all time. I mean you got Wu-Tang, OutKast, Bone Thugs, NWA, The Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Eric B and Rakim, UGK, Mobb Deep, Public Enemy… If I had to narrow it down, Id def have Wu-Tang, OuKast and NWA be the top contenders. Your thoughts?

One Love


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