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Assortment of random music thoughts: Just Sharing.

In this assortment of rambles there are some good songs… check em out. Don’t let my opinion hurt yours.

Is it me or did the MTV AND BET awards suck d*ck?

Cruel Summer sucked d*ck. Kid Cudi’s “Creepers” was the only “standout” track on that piece of sh*t 12 track EP. F*ck Ye’ for that one for real. Glad I didn’t pay for it. It has some pretty decent tracks on there, but nothing that stands out.

Don’t know if y’all caught that Colin Munroe mixtape, but there’s some pretty good music on there. Funny how I can go from Ye’ to Colin Munroe, that’s how sh*tty Cruel Summer is.

2 Chainz should shut the f*ck up. He should only be allowed to be played at parties and clubs. I don’t know who he cheated off of in school, but that GPA is a lie. Never told “no lie,” my ass.

Ab-Soul is that dude. I don’t know if y’all caught any of his features lately, but do that. Twista featuring Ab-Soul “Third Eye, Colin Munroe featuring Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul “Scars and Stars” and Ab-Soul “Nibiru.”

Joell Ortiz been MURDERING SH*T LATELY…  “Feels So Good” track is nanas. Go get that. That n*gga just need some personality and he’d be top 10 or like 15. He’s boring as f*ck.

I’m a heavy SH fan, but that album was doodoo. The mixtape was that fire though. I mean hooker p*ssy heat. That album though? The fact that it even had a Cee Lo feature on it made me cringe. Not to mention that song w Em…you know? ”Throw That”….-_- yeaaaah….uhhhh, I don’t want to remember that. Don’t make me go in on these assholes. “Get Up” deserves a Grammy though.

Enough of them.

Throw back album I’m knockin’ right now is Jay Rock’s Follow Me Home. Sh*t still bangs. “M.O.N.E.Y.” is just a niiice ass track.

SchoolBoy Q’s been on fire lately too. He’s got some good features floating around too. Find those on your own.

Mac Miller Ft. Schoolboy Q “PlaneCarBoat” <—- LOL, WTF?

I Seen Kendrick Lamar, live. He’s a pretty damn good performer.

TDE is the future.

We don’t have to talk about Dedication 4 do we? I mean come on…That’s a mute subject. That sh*t didn’t last 3 hours on my computer. That “Get Smoked” track though…..fire.

We’re gonna go to who I called the new Wayne like 2 years ago and now people are finally starting to see it. He’s the only one different and catchy enough to steal that “spot.” Now that Ye’ is finally pushing him to the forefront look at what’s going on. I know y’all see it. He’s slowly changing everyone’s minds about him, slowly being heard more and more on the radio. You’re probably listening to #Detroit as we speak… without even realizing it. Yup. (Not So) Big Sean. This n*gga just drips LAME though… he sweats lame…I mean look at this sh*t.

His only competition in the “Different Catchy Radio King” category, I guess I’m going to call it that, just hasn’t been proven yet, but if his squads mixtape shows us anything it’s that they can make some catchy, different, infectious music. That’s A$AP Rocky and A$AP Mob. That Lords Never Worry tape bangs, from beginning to end. “Bangin On Waxx” rapes my ears. No lube, prison rape. I’m dead serious. When I’m at work, I have to prevent myself from just starting to jump around screamin’ “alla deez b*tchez is on mehhhh.” This song has f*cked my life up.


Somebody need to that tell that n*gga Nast that he’s ugly as f*ck and cant rap though. He has a good ear, and he can ride a beat, but this n*gga has them straight up dummy bars, nothing but filler. This n*gga said “You’s a lil n*gga, eat ya wheaties hoe” -_- Tighten up you anorexic Crunchy Black. He killed that “Black Man” sh*t though, but anyone could’ve, cuz that beat is straight off the farm bruh. I mean straight vegetables. That’s good for you… knah mean?

That “Thuggin Noise” sh*t’s hard too, but everybody knows Rocky gets it in on a beat. This n*gga just straight fun to listen too, and I haven’t been able to say that about a rapper in a while. I’m going to be seeing him and Schoolboy Q on the 25th, so ill try to calm down my ignorance for one good video.

Nas’ album’s still getting play on my sh*t…f*ck what y’all heard, Dom Kennedy’s Yellow Album too. Stalley’s Savage Journey To the American Dream is still rockin’ in my iPod as well. 3 real n*ggas right thuuuur.

I don’t know if y’all caught that URL battle with Loaded Lux vs Calicoe, but if y’all haven’t and want some laughs check that sh*t out. That n*gga Lux broke every rule in the book and got away with it by calling it “that work.” It was hilarious. I’m saying, I love the culture, but until there is a true way to judge battles then I think its all BS.

This n*gga T.I. sucks now, WTF happened? “Get It” is the last track he released that I liked. If I missed some sh*t let me know, but WTF bruh? For real. EDIT, “LOUD MOUTH” just played on my Itunes and it reminded me that “F*ck The City Up” was actually OK…it’s eh…and once again… 2 Chainz is only for the club and parties.

Ignorant Moments of Glory: I shit y’all not, Lil B gotta song out called Imma Eat Her Ass,” and has a video and all and I met a girl who riddddeees to this sh*t. Needless to say I smashed and never spoke to this hoe again, but WTF bruh? People actually like this sh*t? One of my boys justified it by saying Lil B is the king of “Comedy Rap”??? That’s a real genre? Then he showed me a video of Lil B and Andy Milinakis getting’ their ignorant on…I laughed, but WHAT THE F*CK BRUH? Y’all seen Riff Raff? or Jody High Roller or what the f*ck ever this confused ass dude’s name is. If i seen him in real life, I’d KO, and piss on him… straight up. I’d take a leak on this n*gga. I just feel like he’s making a mockery of me…I would straight up relieve myself on this n*ggas slumped body fam… twice.

Cold Shit: Joell Ortiz’s verse on “On The House.,” that n*gga straight fired off. “Got Gotham City going insane, I come up out the batcave holdin’ a cane. Everyone remain calm, I’m Bruce Wayne, where the f*ck is Bane?!” Straight ill, that whole verse is chocked full of quotables.

Lupe’s my n*gga and all, but his album is like right around the corner (edit: already dropped). He didn’t get it pushed back or anything. He should just shut the f*ck up, and rap. Do what the f*ck you did on “Lambo Angels.” Cut them plats, they ain’t even dreads. N*ggas ain’t had plats in decades. Cut them shits, stop b*tchin’, gimme that “Lambo Angels” flow and shut the f*ck up afterwards and we will give you awards. Talk about how lyrical you are or something.

The Crowned KING of “Ruining a Track by Speaking” award has to go to Swizz Beats. I just feel like he doesn’t appreciate his luck. He’s gotten away with MURDER. Mediocre beat after Mediocre beat he’s just always had an almost above average artist to cover it up. DMX, Jada, Cassidy, MOSHAONDA, lol im playing, Eve bald ass (she bad though, id hit. twice.), Drag….nah, this n*gga Swizz is horrible though. He’s used the “I’m a Hustla” drums like 40 times my n*gga…and he got Alicia Keys. How lucky can you be?? You are beloved by the world for releasing trash and you got a seed by what could be the baddest b*tch in the game… Retire, f*ck outta here with your old uninspired “I gotta bad b*tch and money ass”. I swear Wiz and Amber Rose kid is gonna look just like him.

Yo Gotti “I Got That Sack.” Before this year is done I will teabag a b*tch to this song, it must be done. Listen to that song and imagine a bitch sucking your nuts, an instant smile… I’m telling you it must be done.

Lupe Fiasco’s F&L2 is pretty good. Not what I was expecting, but impressive none the less. He actually managed a Shakespearean Sonnet in the second verse of “Strange Fruition.” That is f*ckin’ lyrical right there.


Eh….I actually rambled longer than I originally planned on rambling. Catch me on twitter. @Jahreality. I’ll be sharing music. Speaking music and leaving links to some of my other blogs and work. Occasionally, I leave some of my art and some of my b*tches. Check it out. Positive or negative feed back, it’s whatever. Feedback is feed back. I gotta lil project growing and I need a larger base of people to reach out too so what better place to start than one of my favorite websites with the personalities that I like? The users. Not trying to say anything negative about this site because I love it, but it’s the community of users that keep me lurking here. Y’all know who you are. I don’t have to say names anymore. I’ve been up here for years, but I think it would be better some of y’all to follow me on twitter or the other sites that I wreck shop on because it would be a shame to lose touch with some of y’all.

I wish nothing but positivity for all of you. Keep negativity out your circle. I’m telling you. That sh*t is a killer on its own. All it takes is one negative n*gga in your crew to cause all of you to do something stupid. Keep level heads people. Its hard times coming up on us.

One love.
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