Whats up everyone? Its @evil2ekoms here with another album review. Just like anything else that involves me, this work is all mine. These are my thoughts. Y’all know i despise you ALL. Hip Hop fans are some of the most fickle ignorant f*ckers to ever exist. Straight feminine. F*ck it. Share what you feel, but there’s no wrong or right. It is what is written. Now lets get into it.

I was really hoping to review Yeezus or Born Sinner and give it praise and glory and tell about how i just KNEW these two n*ggas was gonna bless us with months of good music. That shit DID NOT happen yo… I cant even get through Born Sleeping to review it. That shit is a ghetto serenade. Lullaby’s for thugs to sleep to. Impossible to make it through…its so f*ckin boring. Yeezus is the exact opposite. That sh*t is too much for my ears yo. I be feeling like I’m getting raped. Like for real. Imagine being relaxed listening to “I Am A God” and them cold ass screams just come out of nowhere…..I’m good on that. I like the “Prog Hop” aspect but GTFOH with that sh*t. Black Skinhead and New Slaves are Audio Masterpieces but the rest is eh…

So I was like fawk! Lets try this shit…I liked Macadelic. I thought the vibe on that was amazing. So why not??
Then I listened…

Malcolm James McCormick who we affectionately know as Mac Miller, gets a lot of hate and most people cant even tell the reasons. Its probably because of the teener bopper music he used to put out… It’s like they expect him to never grow up. Every artist does. So why wouldn’t he? Easy Mac gets ignored. Even after making musical history with Blue Slide Park being the first indie album to debut #1 on the charts since 1995. A lot of negative backlash from that project sent Mac into a depression, he’s since admitted too. After a self documented battle with lean and depression, he dropped Macadelic. It was given much praise for the spacey and ambient feel that is now attached to a majority of his music. Using the alias Larry Fisherman, Mac Miller started producing more frequently. His sound is like no other causing many people to reach out to him. Your favorite rapper may be on a Mac Miller beat lol. With a considerable buzz building for Mac’s next album all seemed perfect for June 18th. Then Kanye West and J Cole played the assholes and stepped on his couch. With those 2 superstars coming out, it seems like his album will get lost in the mix… but… Watching Movies with the Sound Off is definitely the better of those albums.

The title of the album is creative. A nice oxymoron, because an album is a movie with sound and no picture. Mac got the idea from watching movies on mute while writing this album. Even more talent being shown as he handles a bulk of the production which is definitely the highlight of this album. Sonically this album is a gift. Flying Lotus, Sap , Chuck Inglish, Pharrell , Diplo and Tyler The Creator also get their hands on this album. The title track instrumental is by Mac himself and its ridiculous.

I’m not even going to sit here and go give you a track by track breakdown of this album. I’d Be typing forever. Were Just gonna take a quick walk through this gem. Cant even lie. I listened to this 5 times before I decided to review it. It got better every time. The cohesiveness of this album is something producers dream for. All but 4 songs were produced by Mac himself, which is a huge testament to his undeniable talent. Like i said before, sonically this album is heavenly. He definitely shows his love for the art of Jazz in his beats. Little known fact: On November 21, 2012 Miller released an iTunes exclusive EP entitled You under the name Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival. Rather than rap, the EP features Miller crooning over lounging jazz instrumentals. I’m pretty sure it topped the Jazz charts. Don’t quote me on that though…

Lyrically, it finds a typical 21 year old in the midst of maturation in the mainstream. Shallowness and contradiction mixed with some insight and realness. This album actually finds Mac opening up about certain subjects. Women in particular. He manages to stay kinda consistent and definitely shows a maturation in subject matter. Even a maturation in flow and presence. Its almost like listening to a completely new artist honestly.

WMWTSO has features and most were very good. His first album had no features if i remember right. Not even gonna lie and say I listened to it. He was doody back then. . “I’m Not Real” features Earl Sweatshirt and “I Am Who I Am” features Blank Blue’s singer, Nikki Randa. “Red Dot Music” features an instrumental worthy of head nods and Action Bronson with his pretty decent verse.While you nod your head to that NASTY ass beat produced by Mac himself (yeah….i know. WTF??) the outro of the song features battle rap LEGEND Loaded (You Gon Get This Work) Lux just DEMOLISHING MAC MILLER!!! I would’ve told this n*gga….NO. You cannot do that sh*t on MY album. I would’ve felt straight disrespected. I would’ve fought Loaded Lux. Id try to snatch this n*gga out his tux. Id never pay this n*gga. F*ck that sh*t bruh. After the TDE signing rumors it looks more and more true due to the Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q features. Both are outstanding btw. Matches ft Ab-Soul is produced by Mac and Gees ft Schoolboy Q is produced by Chuck Inglish. Both are great tracks. In the search for a downfall, so I could slander this former corny f*cker and this pleasant album i find Suplexes Inside of blah f*ckin blah featuring Jay Electronica. Hip Hop heads are gonna eat this sh*t up but this  is the lamest sh*t ever created. Yung Berg wrote and co produced that L. Then I was hoping that J Elec was gonna bless it, but once I started listening i just wanted him to shut the f*ck up immediately. The Tyler feature was fun. Tyler laid a niiiice verse (as usual, his streak continues…) Objects In The Mirror is Mac in Larry Lovestien mode, which he makes a beautiful track singing. (f*ck….this…cornball)

I give this album 4 out of 5.

Highlights: Red Dot Music, Objects In The Mirrors, Matches, Gees, Avian

With his own lyrics (check the Kanye credits. Cyhi wrote majority of those songs) and own production he can make a clear cut case for having a better album than J. Cole and Kanye West. Give it an unbiased listen. You could be surprised.

Just my thoughts. F*ck yall. Follow me on twitter @evil2ekoms for music news, downloads, other blogs and bullshit of the sort.

I’m out y’all. Keep it positive but have fun.

Looking Forward To: MagnaCartaHolyGrail


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