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Its ya boi @evil2ekoms here.

We’re going to handle my segment a little different this time. Usually its just a barrage of what I’ve been listening to, but this time I got my hands on an album, I actually wanted to review. Just because I feel it needs an unbiased touch. Ive always felt that Game is one of the best story tellers in the game and wondered why he didn’t fall into that a long time ago. Being a “concept” album and his first shot at one at that I was kinda excited to hear him stick to his strong suit. So as I’m home from the bar on this DRY ass night (real g’s dont lie, im sooo drunk i might call this fat b*tch…I’m talkin’ ‘ol school Monique. Liftin’ weights tonight n*gga!) I’m deciding to start this blog off…probably not gonna finish.

First of all, I’m not a big fan of Game. I’m no hater though. He’s got some bangers in his catalog. The last album I was truly feelin’ from him was LAX though. Judge me, but that album was broken out from hell. I gave this a entire listen through earlier and now I’m burnin’ one and listening to it one more time… here we go.

1: Scared Now ft Meek Mill
First of all this sh*t is flames. That beat is eeeerie as f*ck. This sh*t set the mood for the WHOLE album for real. Touched on a few topics like beating up 40 Glocc…(Click here for footage of Game beating the beats on 40 Glocc) That sh*t was funny as f*ck, but get Meek outta here bruh. NEVER have a feature on your intro. Dead up. Especially that screamin’ ass n*gga. Good song though. Game lays some “aight” verses.”

2: ALI BOMAYE ft 2 Chainz and Rick Ross
THIS SH*T IS STRAIGHT OUT THE MENTAL WARD MY N*GGAAAAAS. This sh*t is insane. I LOVE THIS SH*T. The beat is on some triumphant shit. Like going outside, kicking a n*gga ass and posing with one foot one them while doin the Aaron Rodgers “championship belt” pose. This sh*t is hands down (remember my opinion) the highlight of the album. I even like 2Chainz verses on this f*ckin song. I even like Ross’ verse on this shit. I even like how Game managed to pull off his best Meek Mill impression around 1:50. lol maybe some ghosting? eh…maybe not. Game has always been a beast at using someone else’s flow. This just some stuntin sh*t. This song will make you feel yourself, you will leave your gf. If you listen to this too much you will ruin your relationship. Black Metaphor put his foot in that beat.

3: Jesus Piece ft Kanye West and Common

Boi-1da killed this beat. I knew it was his beat as soon as it dropped. Game killed his verse and the hook w Ye’ sampled in. Common came through and dropped the worst verse Ive ever heard him drop. For real. I like Common. This wasn’t his best offering. It was OK, but no feeling in it. This song is f*ckin’ flames though.

4: Pray ft J. Cole and JMSN
Mood fell a lil when it started, but it vibes. This sh*t aight. It isnt gonna be in MY playlist for long, but its OK. I can see some soft Drake listener liking this sh*t. Sounds like his Drake impression. J. Cole comes through and continue his soft streak. Good verse, but Cole capable of better. This IS for the ladies though. I like strippers and raunchy b*tches. So I just aint feelin’ it too much. I’m through with it.

5: Church ft King Chip and Trey Songz
King Chiiiiiip!!! Thats that n*gga. This song’s kinda like the last joint. Aimed at the ladies, but a lil harder. I f*ck with this jank. He said he love strippers TWICE my n*gga. The hook is pure ignorance. He manages to throw the “Religious” subject matter in there too so it sticks with the album theme. Good job Game… TREY! Be careful when this n*gga in yo city yo. FORBID your sisters from this n*gga concerts. Smack your gf the instant she mentions a Trigga concert yall. For real. A football player murked his girl for that sh*t, but he shot himself after which took all the “G” out of it….I’m rambling. This that sh*t right here!

6: All That (Lady) featuring Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous & Jeremih
LOL That featuring list is basically a list of the softest rappers with exception of Fab. Games lays a forgettable verse. Wayne….smh. something bout a cap and gown, orgasm, kissing a redbone from her titty to her clit and then the “Tunechi” yell. I been gave up on him a while ago. Big Sean said something, but I was laughing at his ad-libs. Say his ad-libs without the song, beat or anything. You will laugh. Fab wasn’t even really on the damn track…this sh*t is… OK. It isn’t like it’s horrible, but not again.

7: Heaven’s Arms

This sh*t is crack. Nas wrote this. First line even says, “Who The Don?” I don’t care what anyone says. That n*gga summoned the dead ghost of the Illmatic album and went off on this. (Drake Voice) Ooooooooooooooh and that beat is so goooooooood. Lol, nah lemme stop. This sh*t is fire though y’all. Game scorched this shit.
“Hard bottom Ferragamos, IQ too much for mediocre convo/ I know a Farrakhan, oh three-story condo/ IPod Shuffle in between Common Jay Electronica and Bono/ Armado, and last words of Paul Castellano/ Nothin’ but illest paper and bitches niggas I know”

8: Name Me King ft Pusha T
This sh*t is crazy. My n*gga PUSHAAAAAATON….got his whole flow copied by Game on this jank. I mean straight ran off with Push sh*t yo. I would’ve been like WTF? I would’ve looked him dead in the face as blank as I could and gave him a Pusha T “YEAGHHHHH!” Game did spank this sh*t though. He did the Pusha flow betta than Pusha did on this one. lol, This sh*t is hot!!!

9: See No Evil featuring Kendrick Lamar & Tank

Game and Kendrick always impress me. It’s like they quietly try to outdo each other each time. Game got kinda deep and killed his sh*t. Tank needs to shut the f*ck up with the whoooa whooa’s, but he slid his voice all over the hook. I don’t know why this n*gga even back… Then Kendrick starts rapping. Everyone knows what Kendrick does. He smashes sh*t. He goes the f*ck in. Whether you like him or not, you gotta respect that boys words. Kendrick wins this again. Strictly on flow. Not even on lyrics. His lyrics on this are dope, but the floooooow. This sh*t is niiiiice! Game’s second verse is written by someone, but i cant think of whom right now.

10: Can’t Get Right ft K. Roosevelt <——–Who the f*ck is this???
This beat…..man I’d beat up children to this. He says some names, but he talks about some real sh*t on this. Says A LOT of names, but makes it all sound kinda relevant. Gets his story tellin’ on. This sh*t is kinda hot for real. Whoever this n*gga is crooning on the hook needs to practice a little, but his production is top notch. This is hot, but he lost me with all that name droppin’. He droppin’ hella names on this one.

INSERT: He’s managed to stay on topic the entire time and these beats all compliment each other. F*ck you Game.

11: Hallelujah featuring Jamie Foxx
He got his Kanye on in this song. Just listen to it. ONCE AGAIN. I dont give a f*ck what y’all say. Someone is writing for him…..lol. Nah, He copies Ye’s whole AURA in this sh*t. This n*gga bathed in Ye’s concert sweat while he wrote this ish. He might be waxin’ Kim after this song.

12: Freedom featuring Elijah Blake

This track is fire. Name drop paradise once again, but he’s doing what he does best. Telling a story. He actually kills this. Lyrically and all. He murders this song. One of the standouts if your a fan of Hip Hop in a whole. This is hot. Hot as f*ck for real, but I’m not gonna amp it too much.

13: Celebration ft another line up up soft n*ggas.
( Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa)
Tyga resembles smeagle. Had to get that out. He looks like a shaved rat. I’m not  a big fan of this song, but it’s OK. I like a couple of the verses. Breeeeezy talking that sh*t. Game actin like a Bone Thug, Tyga…..Wiz….they some muthaf*ckin characters.


14: I REMEMBER featuring Future and Young Jeezy

THIS. IS. THAT. SH*T. My n*gga Future must’ve heard “Ali Bomaye” and decided he will be the most ignorant n*gga on Game’s album… at any cost. The hook is ignorant and infectious. Future is the GAWD of hooks right now. That n*gga’s hot and I don’t like too much ignorant sh*t. I cant get that sh*t out my head. Jeezy came through with that D-boy talk, but Game and Future are the highlights of this track. Their combined swag and ignorance made Lil B take a day off to think. I mean look at this hook y’all… Future is retarded with it.
“It’s been a long damn time since a n*gga sold dope
But if you put a brick right in front of me, I remember
Baking soda and a Triple Beam, I remember
Loaded fully auto-magazine, I remember
[Bridge: Future]
I done f*cked so many bitches that I can’t remember names,
but if you Put that p*ssy right up in my face, I remember,
the way she put it down On the flo’, I remember,
the way she bring it down on the pole, I remember”


15: Blood Diamonds
This sh*t is fiiiiyah like Dylan spit. Game gets his nasty on on this. Sounds Nas and Kanye influenced to me. Stayed on topic too about bling and diamonds. This song has been done before, but its hot either way. Talks that talk to. You can definitely tell he’s grown up a little bit. Stole an old Jay Z “Grammy Family Freestyle” bar in there, but eh – who really cares, but hip-hop nerds like me who can just hear sh*t and reference it immediately. This sh*t’s smooth as f*ck.

Hmmmmm……Im not indecisive at all.

This CD Gets a 9 out of 10.

None of that .5 sh*t. He lost a point for not making more “catchy” songs for the ladies, I guess. They really didn’t fit. They were good though. Just not great like the rest of the album. Last flaw, even though they were great, he had mad features. Eh… new day and age though.

He stayed on topic and crafted a impressive work of art for real listeners and light hip hop heads alike. The beat selection is damn near flawless and his hood tales and masterful rhyming to remind you that he is an upper class MC. I wouldn’t say elite. This is definitely his best work to date slightly topping The Documentary for me. He kinda got away with the “concept album”. There was really no concept, just a theme and mood that was throughout the entire album. Props goes to him for beat selection, writing and crafting something that works that way though. I’m just not calling it a concept album anymore. It’s like a movie with the thoughts of contemplation and religious aspect behind it.

Great Album. I suggest y’all GO BUY IT. Support real hip hop.

Standouts: LOL everything except “Pray” and “All That” Go get this sh*t.

Have a great day everyone!


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