Whats up DS soldiers and lames passing through?

It’s Evil2Ekoms.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and enjoying the spirit and all that ish. Hope y’all got niiice off that turkey. If not I hope you at least ate SOMETHING that day, a TV dinner or anything my broke n*ggas. I understand some of y’all are in “the struggle” but I’m here for ya. I’ll mail you a dollar. I swear, I will.

Anyway, lets get into some music!

Strictly My Opinion. Just sharing a few artists to listen too. Its a drought of good music and Im just trying to help. :)

1:  Joey Bada$$.   Brooklyn, NY.   @joeyBADASS_

I swear the boy sounds like a grimy reincarnation of Nas himself. Its like his momma had the entire Nas discography playin’ while youngin’ was in the womb. The boy nice. His 1999 tape is just f*ckin’ ridiculous. Kid is 17 years old. He can still get put on punishment mah n*ggas….Hip Hop needs to step it up.  Here’s one of my favorite tracks from him and my the next artist on my list.

2: Ab-Soul. Carson, CA  @abdashsoul

I been watching this dude straight up ascend. He is a tad bit more lyrical than Kendrick in my eyes. Kendrick just got the flow to compliment his lyrics. Being a fan of this kid is truly a fun thing, because every album / mixtape he puts out he gets like 15 times better. I mean every one. Listening to the first, Long Term and then listening to Control System is like listening to two completely different rappers.  You can always hear the passion though.  He is definitely one of my favorite artists right now. He can make a SONG.  He has lyrics and topics. He can also go the f*ck in.  Here’s a favorite if mine from him where he raps as if he was a planet called “Nibiru.” Know your history you lil ignorant f*cks. It starts with the Sumerians.

3:  Flatbush Zombies.    Flatbush, NY     @MeechIsDEAD   @ZombieJuicee @ErickArcElliott

D.R.U.G.S. Go download this f*ckin tape’. Unless you live that sober life then you aint gonna be bout this sh*t. These 3 n*ggas are straight up different. Creating and crafting something really special in front of our faces. Meechy Darko is the obvious star of this group but EAE’s production is ridiculous and Juice is no slouch either. The don’t have much in the form of content, hahaha, but these n*ggas are just impressive spitters, especially Meechy Darko. That n*gga goes and his delivery is fuckin’ top notch!!

MEEEEEEECHY Darko gettin it

And this my ish:

4: Elow Experience. Virginia Beach VA              @SmokeBoothEnt               E Low Experience On Soundcloud

The f*ckin’ EXPERIENCE. You cant even label this dude as RAP.  He’s his own genre. He produces his own music also. Almost every song you hear from him is a direct extension of what he hears in his fucked up head.  He’s been making moves all over VA and I know yall are going to hear about him sooner or later. With so much range and different styles you hear from  from you’re guaranteed to find something you like in his archive. His Album “Legend…In My Own Mind” drops in January.

Here’s 2 of my favs:

5:   Jah  Virginia Beach, VA               @evil2ekoms            Jah on Soundcloud

Shameless self promotion. Check out my sh*t. I’m makin’ moves out here IDGAF what y’all say. I suck for real though. Based God wrote all my songs, because I let him f*ck my b*tch. So respect the woop woop swag. I look like JK Rowling. Ive been told I sing like a combo of Rihanna and Jesus. Im Regis. Get like me.

(Not Done)


Other topics:

This n*gga Joe Budden dropped the biggest dud this year. The struggle is f*ckin real my friends.

Fab’ s Soul Tape 2 is decent. That n*gga killed that SoNY track though…and kept it for the album lololol selfish bastard. Shots were fired all over that track and I’m glad. Fab been doing it for a min.

“You gotta go to L.A. if you’re lookin’ for Diddy / You gotta check Ct. if you lookin’ for Fitty / N**gas in Paris, but what about the City?

Does French Montana have any songs by himself? He baby doodoo anyway. Hip Hops Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants

Lil Wayne retiring? I don’t believe…

Royce SOBER… I DONT believe.

J. Cole and Kendrick CD NEEDS to happen. Like it’s in the stars.

My n*gga Romney ignorant as f*ck.

I been diggin’ through some peoples email lately…I have a really entertaining project for my next blog so stay tuned. Shout out goes to Ded’s and Nick’s email. ^_^

Good Kid, Mad City was good but if any of y’all think that was better than Section.80 then you need to shoot yourselves. Seriously.

Keep it positive y’all.

Just in case the world ends, Its been a pleasure knowing all of you idiots. For real. If it doesn’t, then I hate you and I’m going to hack your email.

Negativity is a killer.

I’m out.


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