What’s good Def Sounds family? It’s your boy Jaffar making my comeback with my first official blog. I’ve been on a hiatus from DS for a while now, but wanted to make my return with this blog in late December. But due to MANY factors, I couldn’t find the time to finish the blog, and then I lost all that I written when my laptop got formatted. Oh well, I’m done now, and am back for good. Despite not commenting, I’ve been visiting the site often to see what’s going on, and I really liked Villan’s blog “Top 12 of 2012: Armageddon Music.” (Shout out to Vill!) and taking a page from his book, I created the “Not Top 12 of 2012.”   This blog sheds light on the disappointments, fails, stupidities, laughable moments, and incidents where you just have to shake your head- of 2012… Let’s begin.

12. Cruel Summer
Now, I know I’m gonna get a lot of heat at the start of the blog, but it is what it is. According to me, G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer  is one of the biggest disappointments of the year… And that’s only because it was one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2012. Starting off well, having a shaky middle, and an all-over-the-place end, the album was largely in-cohesive and lacked emotion, lyrical skill (for the most part), and an overall artistic vision. And that’s pretty disappointing considering the talent that the camp possesses. If there was some Yaasin Bey, Q-Tip, Consequence, some more of Common, and less of 2 Chainz, maybe the album would have been better.

11. Nicki Minaj’s Sales
Her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded  sold about 253,000 copies in its first week in 2010, and was certified platinum, after a year. However, Nicki stated that she wasn’t happy about the commercial performance of her album and decided to re-release it with brand new songs, and a DVD set. So this past November, The Re-Up  finally dropped after massive promotion (American Idol, VH1 Specials, Tours), the album sold a WHOPPING 36,000 units in its first week. Wow, talk about fails… I don’t think Nicki was expecting this one and must be feeling a little un-thankful about her previous album’s sales. Walmart and Target refused to carry the CD and Best Buy only carried a limited amount. How much does that suck? You’re dropping an International album and three of the nation’s biggest retail stores aren’t selling it. Nicki appreciated her fans that “have been driving hours – literally hours! — to get one CD”.. Can you actually imagine yourself driving around in traffic for hours and hours just to pick up a single Nicki Minaj CD? #F*ckThat

10. “Hate Bein’ Sober” Video Shoot
After the success of “I Don’t Like”, Interscope signed Chief Keef to release his debut album Finally Rich under their imprint. One of the most anticipated tracks from the album is Hate Being Sober” that features 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa. Due to the built-up fan anticipation, producers/managers wanted to shoot the video in advance and drop the single earlier for hype. To everyone’s surprises, (or not), the teen rapper from Chicago didn’t show up to his own video shoot and stranded a hip-hop icon and mogul in 50 Cent, and one of the most popular present artists in Wiz Khalifa. Wow… Here we have two heavy-weights.. (well one heavy-weight, and one welter-weight due to those ugly ass skinny jeans and blond streaks) on schedule for a professional video shoot, and on the other hand we have a 17 year old wanna-be thug that apparently is in love with Sammy Sosa- not giving a single f*ck…

~That’s that sh*t we don’t like.

9. MTV’s “Hottest MCs” List
In February of last year, MTV unveiled their (infamous) “Hottest MCs” list. To many hip-hop fans’ surprises, they gave Rick Ross (the fat one) the number one spot. That means he surpassed artists the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Wiz Khalifa to name a few, in terms of “hotness” (PAUSE). I don’t understand though. In 2011, Ross had three flopping singles on the charts with “9 Piece” ft. Lil Wayne, “You The Boss” ft. Nicki Minaj, and “I Love My B*tches”. Even as a featured artist, “I’m On One” was the only certified hit record that Ross was on. But that wasn’t the biggest surprise. What caught fans off guard was that upcoming young artist Kendrick Lamar didn’t make the list, nor did the Grammy nominated J. Cole who had dropped his debut album that year. Cole World: The Sideline Story  debuted number one on Billboard, and was certified Gold after about two months of the release. He also had hit singles in “Work Out” and “Can’t Get Enough” ft. Trey Songz. “CW:TSS” received critical praise as well, hopping on a few “Top Albums” lists of the year. In addition, Cole had an incredible mixtape with Friday Night Lights  and was also nominated for Best New Artist  Grammy. But sadly, the channel that played music videos once upon a time, failed to recognize J.Cole’s “buzz” and bypassed him for their “Hottest MCs” list.

8. Game Wants a G-Unit Reunion… After Dissing Them.
So we all heard 50 Cent’s latest crossover single “My Life” featuring Eminem & Adam Levine. One of the most controversial lines from the record was “I tried to help n*ggas get on, they turned around and spit/ Right in my face, so Game and Buck both, can suck a dick” from 50 Cent’s 1st verse. When asked about his feelings towards the record, Game called 50 Cent a “zombie” and claimed that he might have to double up his famous G-Unit diss “300 Bars and Running,” but will eventually kill 50. A couple days later he dropped his song from the “Jesus Piece” Best Buy deluxe version titled “Blood of Christ” in which he took shots at the Unit once again. “I’m all about a dollar, n*gga f*ck 50 cent/ I heard Tony Yayo can’t pay the rent/ I heard Lloyd Banks can’t pay the rent”. No surprise there, right? Well a few days after that, Game apparently offered a “peace” offering to 50 Cent, saying he was pretty much up for a G-Unit reconciliation. “I don’t hold grudges” is what he told BET, and then with HHDX, Game said “I was over that beef pretty much right after it happened” and “peace to him (50) on his journey and his endeavors; what he’s doing and everything.” Wow Game, are you for real? Is this what you mean when you say you’ve grown? You might have had a decent album, but Jesus Christ is saddened by your intensive bi-polar disorder. (Pun intended)

P.S. This is one of many Jayceon Taylor tweets towards 50 Cent dated November 13, 2010. “@50cent CALL ME N*GGA & LET’S HOLLA. RE-UNION or NO RE-UNION, a conversation couldn’t kill a fly !!! #GGGGGGG-UNIT !”

I think we’ve gotten immune to Game’s psychotic split personality though kinda how we’re immune to Lil Wayne wearing b*tch clothes and Kanye wearing skirts..

7. Snoop Lion
I’m pretty sure alongside myself, many of you were like WHAT THE F*CK?! The first time you read about Snoop Doggy Dogg’s name change. Apparently, he went to Jamaica, smoked a sh*t-load of hardcore Jamaican kush, and had a green-inspired epiphany, believing that he was actually Bob Marley reincarnated. The prominent gangster rapper from the West Coast that once declared that he “don’t love them hoes!” is now singing “la la la la la la la la la la, oh yeah!” while all rappers, and 90’s hip hop fans stare in disbelief. What’s even stupider is that Lion publicly posts his reasons for voting for Obama over Romney during the 2012 Presidential campaign.

“He a white n*gga”… Really Snoop, Really??

6. Havoc Airs Out Prodigy; Mobb Deep Split-Up
I don’t even have words to describe this one. All there is to know is that the Infamous will no longer be making music together. Apparently, Havoc caught P writing love letters to some dude in prison and Hav went on a Twitter rampage airing out Prodigy’s secrets to the world. Later, he denied the claims and said that his phone was stolen. When asked, Prodigy too shot down all rumors of beef between the two and said they were working on their new album, and it’s all good. However, a couple weeks later, Havoc manned up to his remarks and admitted it was actually his tweets that he sent when he was infuriated with Prodigy. He went on to mention that Mobb Deep was on a hiatus… indefinitely. And then the icing on the cake was the diss track “Separated (Real from the Fake)” released by Havoc, aimed towards his brother and best friend since they were teenagers. This isn’t for sh*ts and giggles, but is definitely a sad time for hip-hop. We can only hope to hear something even merely reflecting of the classic 90s hit that you can’t not nod your head to.

Sidenote: On a positive note, with 2012 over, Mobb Deep have put aside their differences and will hit the road for a 20th anniversary tour.

5. Gunplay’s Chain
I just thought this sh*t was f*cking hilarious. Gunplay got jumped by 50 and his crew at the BET Awards. Not only did he get his ass kicked, but he got pepper sprayed by the cops and to add salt to his wounds, 50’s crew stole his MMG chain. If you missed the clip of him getting thrown around like a rag doll, then watch it below. You can’t miss Tony Yayo’s cringe-worthy “Yeah N*gga” screams during the midst of it.

A couple days later, 50 was caught rocking the MMG chain during a god awful bowling session. But what’s the icing on the cake for me, is that the same day that the altercation took place, a scuffle between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross went down as well that ended in gun shots. And this is what 50 tweeted later that day:

Jeezy got birthday coming up OCT12 can you guess what I’m a give him fool? SMSaudio

These n*ggas need to just step in the studio and murder these fools on wax.

Oh, and Gunplay was later charged with robbery and aggravated assault… What a f*cking idiot..

(He did have a solid verse on that “Cartoons and Cereal” joint with K.Dot though. I’ll give him that much)

4. Rick Ross Tour Cancelled After Death Threats
So these past couple of months, Rawse the Bawse been getting some crazy threats from the Gangster Disciple gang. Ross, who has an obsessive fetish of being a boss thought he was Big Meech and Larry Hoover- the chairman of the organization and leader of the Chicago gang respectively, or so he claimed on his over-played song, “B.M.F”. However, the GDs thought differently and wanted Ross to give back to them for using their identity, either in the form of money or community services. But Ross the Bawse thought he was too big for them and so they put pressure on his fat ass (PAUSE). He was denied entrance in NC and so his show there got cancelled. He later cancelled the remainder of his tour “due to lack of organization”. Yes Ricky, we all know that was the reason…. Anyway, Six Tre explained the issue with Rick Ross in a stupid ass Youtube video where he basically dry snitched on himself. What an idiot.

Nonetheless, the proclaimed “highly decorated gangster, so keep a distance” is now doing his best to avoid confrontation from the ACTUAL gangsters, and that “distance” is getting smaller and smaller. But Officer Ricky, got his boys in blue involved that will potentially protect him. We’ll see.. All I know is that as a “gangster rapper” he just lost all his fucking credibility (whatever was left from after he was exposed as a former C.O.) and I just don’t know how his fanboys will defend him after this. Officer Ricky, ladies and gentleman- number 4.

3. Lil Wayne Deposition
This has to be one of the best videos of the year. I saw this shit like 20 times, and laughed just as hard. Sure, his music has us cracking up nonstop (“P*ssy good as baby powder”) ( “Then I beat her like a cop / Rodney King, baby, yeah I beat her like a cop / Beat her like a cop! Rodney King baby said I beat her like a cop!”) but this video had us laughing with him, applauding either his immaturity, balls, or just sense of humor. I don’t have much to say about this, cause the video says it all.. What is funnier though is that he lost the lawsuit cause he had multiple seizures and couldn’t attend the hearing. Ordered to pay Quincy Jones 2.2 Million. Oh well, he has thousands of 13 year old white boys that will purchase his trash music and keep piling his money. Lil Wayne, you can’t rap for sh*t, but you’re an entertaining little fella.

2. Game beats up 40 Glocc.. 40 sues.
Another great video if you love a) hip-hop nonsense or b) street violence. Game beat the sh*t outta 40 Glocc, and posted it on the internet. That was pretty funny with 40 running and ducking behind cars and bushes. Jayceon Taylor basically stripped 40 of any possible street cred he had or could’ve obtained. The beating was almost pitiful on 40’s behalf. You’d think an artist in the hip-hop culture would at least put his hands up when being beaten to a pulp. But no sir, Mr. Glocc here ran like a b*tch while Game pounced on him like an animal… (Pause again). Few days after the video went viral on the net, the former G-Unit affiliate (*cringe) filed a law suit against Jayceon for assault and battery, and damaging his “thug” reputation by portraying him as a coward…

Wow, 40… Really? Suing another rapper for putting you in your place is definitely “thug” like… f*ck outta here. Just hope Kidd Kidd gets the same beat down, and it’ll all be good.

1. Shyne CommentsShyne
After dropping one of the most highly anticipated albums in the recent past, “good kid, m.A.A.d city” received chart topping success, and was inducted in various “Best Albums of 2012” by many magazines and blog sites  across the nation, topping Complex, BBC, and Pitchfork, to name a few. But there was the one killjoy that had to try to ruin Kendrick’s party.. Mother F*ckin’ Shyne. Denouncing the album as “trash”, Shyne went on to call the beats trash and that Kendrick “couldn’t handle a good flow.”   Wow, Shyne, you are one stupid mother f*cker. Moses would definitely drown your ass in the Red Sea. You really think that K.Dot, the hip hop community, or anyone on the planet cares about your opinion after he got multiple co-signs from Dr. Dre, Nas, Game, 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Pharell, MMG, Big Sean, Slaughterhouse, Wiz, and many many more hip-hop heavy weights? It just baffles me how artists that have fallen off the face of the earth talk straight bullsh*t just to generate some interest again. Go back to jail Shyne, you’re done.

So that’s it folks. Those for me were the downsides of 2012 in the hip-hop culture. I hope you had a decent time reading it, and don’t hate my first blog too much. It feels good to be back on Def Sounds, and you can look forward to my regular comments from here on in.

Shout out Whitefolks for holding DS down.


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