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To provide a couple of background notes, this is my 20-song playlist that I feel best describes me as a person in regards to my taste in music and life experiences.

If you look over my playlist, listen to a couple of the songs that you may not have heard before and you think my playlist stinks, you can create you own by following the directions in the link above.

You can bash my playlist if you want, that won’t bother me at all because once again, this is my life, my playlist.

Let’s get started.

1. BeCommon
2. Soundtrack 2 My LifeKid Cudi
3. Modern Marvel Mos Def
4. It Won’t Be Long J.Cole
5. Liberation Outkast

This song is audio perfection in my opinion. It is all about freedom from whatever might be holding you back. I’m sure most of you have listened to the song multiple times already, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

6. Tip the Scale The Roots
7. Sing For The Moment — Joe Budden
8. Runaway Kanye West ft. Pusha T
9. Cloth Common
10. The Vent Big K.R.I.T.

“If it don’t touch my soul then I can’t listen to it.
The radio don’t play that sh-t I used to love, or maybe I’m just growing up.
I’ve never seen a star on a red rug,
If I wanna see stars I just look above… to the heavens.” 

 Yeah, I’m gonna let the music speak for itself on this one.

11. Black Cloud Joe Budden
12. Downfall Joe Budden
13. Don’t Let Me Fall B.o.B.
14. Just To Be Different Joe Budden

My favorite song of all time right here. I know I stan for Joe way too often, but I truly believe that songs like this is what makes him a special artist.

15. God’s Gift J.Cole
16. Whatever It Takes Joe Budden
17. The Knowing The Weeknd

The song is crazy. The video is even crazier. Worth the watch.

18. Dust Frank Ocean
19. Farewell J.Cole

This song and Dust go very well together. Both are about leaving behind a legacy. Amazing stuff.

20. Breathe Me Sia

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Don’t forget, the goal of this blog is for YOU to participate as well. Anyone who wants to create their own playlist is more than welcome to. I look forward to listening.