Hello World, it’s a minute since Defsounds has displayed the greatness that is 2Pennies.  It’s been a famine of entertainment on  this site for quite some time.  Well the drought is over (No Weezy).  1st off the music industry been whack ass hell.  It’s not just limited to rap.  All music has been garbage lately.  It’s whatever, there are some diamonds in the rough out there.   Any way here is some quick random sh*t.

Ayyoooo can n*ggas even listen to this guy?  From what I hear this guy was in a relationship with Miguel? LMFAO/SMH.  (No Homo)

What’s going on with Chicago n*ggas man? Lately they have been on some f*ck boi shit. Lupe Fiasco for one is losing his mind bruh.  I mean lets keep it funky, this n*gga been having a melt down for the last 3 years.  I haven’t seen a rapper melt like Wasalu’s been meltin’. The crack baby Chief Keef had him talking bout retirement on twitter. F&L2 is decent though.   I respect the passion and all but relax fam.  Why so serious?  Speaking of the autistic rapper, why does Keef get a deal?  I mean son sucks. This situation is wrong on every level.  F*ck Jimmy Iovine for this sh*t.

Kanye West’s music has been sh*t lately. Time to take a break Ye’. Cruel Summer is meh.  We need that crate digging Kanye back… that Kanye before his mother died; he ain’t been the same since.  Smh at wifing that smut Kardashian.  We need this Kanye back!

Slaughter House = Failure…. Naw but how do people really feel about Slaughter House?

Am I the only one that feels that Meek Mill missed his chance? Rawse f*cked up managing his career.  One is named William Roberts and the other is named Robert Williams.  Lmfao/Smh. I blame the Illuminati.

Khalifa should have been a fireman or a cop or some sh*t.  Go rescue someone in danger bruh.  Join the peace corp or something.  Anything beats this..



Smh @ this sh*t. This pic reeks of weakness.  Its obvious that it’s not gonna end well for Khalifa.  N*gga is going about his career the wrong way.

The jury is still out on Asap Rocky.  He’s decent at best.  The Asap Mobb sucks tho. As a matter of fact Asap Rocky is meh too.  N*ggas jacking Houston sound and infusing it with Bone Thugs n Harmony and 90’s rap and talking about swag all day.  It’s good to listen to when you’re on one though. More because of the beats.  He won at the VMA’s though.

Anybody find it weird that 2Chains actually had a 4.0 in college but still raps like and uneducated bamma?  Smh..

The Jewish influence in this county is unbelievably strong.  We fight all of their enemies and our troops die on their behalf.  We will never leave the Middle East because Israel is there.  We will always make up a reason to occupy the Middle East.  I’m just saying, if you want to talk that Illuminati shit,……Meh why even bother?   People get their info from youtube videos.

Thank god the real refs are back.  F*ck did they find these scrubs?   Goodell sent these guys?  Smh.  Lmfao at the ref that threw the hat and f*cked up Ogletree tho.  I would have whooped his ass. SMH

I’m waiting for Lil Wayne to open up his own Never Land Ranch and invite kids over.  He is a real weirdo.  He gotta a stable of children acts.  Weezy f. Sandusky please say the Dusky.

Dear DMX,

SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!! That project you just dropped was whaaaaack n*gga.  Go away! Or get back on your bullsh*t, but stop just talking sh*t.  You come off as a disgruntled old head that cant stop rambling.  Yes we all know Drake is soft and a mark.  Now please cop a few grams of that sunshine from a guy in a green jacket outside of a soup kitchen and make some heat.

Has anybody listened to that new Freddie Gibbs? What it sounding like?

I leave you with this. (My homie did the beat)

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