What’s up to the usual DS fam and the pokefags that come and go?

It is I, the one who is always Keeping it a HundreD, or just simply call me “COB.”

Damn y’all. this has been quite the week for Officer Ricky, aka Floss the Boss, aka the WWE character of the Hip-hop genre. The Gangsta of Love ahahahaha.

I know most of y’all had to of heard by now that Ross canceled the remainder of his tour due to threats by the “GDs.” If you haven’t, then your Patrick Star ass must be living under a rock next to a pineapple somewhere. So, you can catch that [here] if you missed it.

First, it started off with the countless number of Youtube videos that have been posted though out the past couple months gunning for this fraud’s head.

Then secondly, this ain’t yo normal ghetto ass street gang. I heard that some of the newer and younger cats can be reckless at times, but these folks are normally just about the “Growth and Development” of the urban community. I think that was the ONLY truthful blabber that came from the “Tugboat” William Robert’s fat mouth. You can catch that piece [here].

And Third, if you still watch WWE wrestling, than I can understand why you believe everything that comes out of this “Entertainer’s” mouth. Every last bit is a damn lie. You can tell he is lying just by paying attention to the way he talks, sounds, and acts…. Check the video out [here] on how he is certified world wide, and can get 1,000 gangstas in any city at anytime. Riiiiiiight!

Finally, before I get into my actual point of the blog, it just came to my attention that this fat phony fraudulent fool is getting help from the Chicago Police department to investigate the Youtube threats coming from the Gangsta Disciples. What kinda “Bawse” gets help from the god damn police? None that I know of, but I guess it’s just the times we are living in… The ONLY weight this clown moves, is his damn body weight.

Read up on that right [here].

Okay, now the point of this blog is… Does anyone else think this fat tidday boy looks and acts like that actress “Mo’nique?” One thing that stands out between the two besides for their looks is the catch phrase, “Don’t get it twisted.” Like two snotty wholesome fat chicks. Hahahaha.

Nah, but for real though, here is the real reason we are here…

The REAL Freeway Rick Ross has finally posted up the whole court deposition for their case, so it puts everything this fat douchy fraud had to say throughout the case WAY out there. If you thought Wayne and Quincy Jones’s court case was funny, than you haven’t seen or heard anything quite yet. This is a “Rapper’s Sworn Testimony Worthy Of a Comedy Award.” Here is the “Smoking Guns” article about this fraudulent clown.

It’s really a MUST READ! Check that out [here].

Here are the actual court deposition transcripts. I have read through some of it, but I had to take a pause from “Dying.” It’s really that SERIOUS!

Read the hilarious court deposition transcripts [here].

There will be no more Defsounds Subway music loving “COB.” I am officially dead. I will end this BLOG off with a little bit of “Real N*gga” shit. This is how real bosses move; where the hell has all the real activist/rappers gone too? Unfortunately, I don’t think we will ever see another Pac in our lifetime. Most of us will just keep on settling for underground hip-hop, because mainstream has been polluted for quite some time.

Hit the comment section up and let me know what ya’ll think about everything going on with this fool. How he is being trampled on these past couple weeks. How much longer will this clown still be relevant?

-COB aka Always keepin it a HundreD
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