What up Defsounders this is Rapper Rich with a new feature. Every Monday I will be doing a new spread called Topic Of Discussion. Pretty much what we are trying to do here is get the people talking on current events in the hip-hop world. Pretty basic but cool concept so here is the inaugural post of this feature. Like I said let’s get talking speak whatever is on your mind on each topic of the week and if you want request some topic we can get talking about to.

Anyways this week I wanted to talk about Meek Mill calling out DNA To a battle. As im sure everybody has seen the tweet Meek tweeted speaking on the DNA Vs E-Ness battle that just happened this summer in the URL.

For those who don’t know he said he wanted to get in the ring with DNA and or Ness. In my opinion DNA is a way better battle rapper that’s his world he has been killing the battle leagues forever now. From Grind time to King of the dot all the way to the smack league he def has hit stripes.

Meek on the other hand has done his share of battling too but im just not sure he can get with the battle scene of 2012.

So what do you guys think? DNA or Meek?? Who’s got it?

Here is the DNA Response video too