Today marks the 8 year anniversary of the death of one of most hip hops most original and entertaining guys to ever do it. Born Russel Jones but well known all over the world as The O’l Dirty Bastard and a million other aliases which are equally as creative.

ODB was born in Fort Greene, Brooklyn NY and represented Brooklyn throughout his whole life

Im a huge Wu-tang fan and an even bigger ODB Fan. He made me laugh with almost every verse he ever spit over but kept it true to hip-hop by actually being a creative and interesting emcee. One of the original nine members of The Wu tang clan and in my opinion def one of the most beloved

O’l dirty had his fair share of legal issues which made him skip shows, miss recording sessions and photo shoots all over. Im doing this post today in commemoration to the life of one of my favorite emcees he def inspired me in a lot of ways believe it or not his care free attitude was so cool and interesting

So much love to The O’l Dirty Bastard and may he rest is power. His music still lives on till this day and his fans will always remember who he was