Hello everyone, the purpose of this thread is to see how many people would be interested in participating in an ongoing blog about the users of this site and the music that represents us as people.

The idea is to put together a playlist of 20 songs (or less) that coincides with your life and past experiences.

Example: Smoke could have the song “Pineal Gland” by Ab-Soul and brandon n could have a song about dropping out of high school (just kidding).

For five of the songs in your list, you will embed a YouTube video of the song. The reasoning behind which songs you embed doesn’t matter, but it might be an effective way of putting people onto music they haven’t heard in a while or maybe even at all.

There are no limits as to what genres you can pull from or what artists you can use.

When you complete your playlist, learn how to gain access to blogs if you haven’t already and post up your blog with the series name in the title along with your DS username.

I stole this idea from JBTV, but there wasn’t very much participation and I believe the idea is better suited for a blog format like we now have on DS.

My playlist is ready to go and I will post mine as soon as 7 people comment saying they will participate.

Thanks everyone.