Alright Dre, now you’re just fucking with us. You are the Hip Hop equivalent of a stripper. You may show us some titty and even let us feel it up a bit–but then you just keep it moving. You’ve been doing so for the last 10 years.

I’m writing this as an unbiased fan in regards to Detox–I stopped looking forward to that album right around the time I discovered the massive amount of free porn on the internet. So I don’t really care if you release it or not, but one thing I CAN say is that there’s nothing worst than a tease.

A while ago I asked why are people still anticipating an album from a mediocre rapper who doesn’t write his own lyrics/super producer who doesn’t really produce anymore. All I got was a bunch of stans rallying for the good Doctor. But I think I get it now, they still believe in Detox because Dre still says it’s going to happen. That’s not a bad thing–the bad thing is Dre is always giving out guesstimates of the release when in reality he has NO idea.

Also, Kush on an album called Detox..I don’t get it.

In the latest Detox update here’s Dre telling us it’s coming in 2011.