I’ve re-watched this interview over and over again looking for the “Set-up” but I just can’t see it. I’m a huge Kanye West fan, he’s  a top 5 artist in my book and is one of the few–if not the only artist in the Hip Hop industry that’s daring and inventive with his music.

But why is he purporting himself as a victim after this interview? Matt Lauer asked some very simple and basic questions to which Kanye tried to dance around. At one point, Lauer asked Kanye if he was sorry to which Kanye hesitated–and instead of pushing to get a literal apology out of Kanye, Lauer opted to move on–that’s a set up?

If anything, Lauer fired a shot against president Bush for saying being called a racist by a rapper was the worst thing of his presidency. So Kanye west is the worst thing that happen to America. It goes.. Kanye West, Slavery, then 9/11 and the Holocaust combined–last one’s a toss up, alot of people don’t like the Jews and Katrina doesn’t count because New Orleans needed a bath anyways.

The real set up it seems, we’re being played to sympathize with an egomaniac who got brought down back to earth after the Taylor Swift debacle. Kanye West is being set up by Kanye West and his narcissistic paranoia.