We’re roughly a week out from the relaunch and as promised–we’ve been working on the site non-stop.
Everything you said has been taken into consideration and mostly implemented. With that said, please remember we’re not done.

We didn’t sell out to anyone or anything–I along with Whitefolks on the right hand, still fully run the site. The last iteration of Defsounds was ambitious but not flexible enough. When the site crashed ever so often, the reason it took days to bring back was just cause of that–the platform wasn’t flexible enough for immediate recovery.

As far as some of you saying we ripped off this site design or that site design, if you look back to a few years back..this has always been our format, in fact someone posted a screenshot of the webarchive and we’re STILL following the same format from what, 3 years ago?..We just made it bolder and changed some colors.

Anyways, as far as the updates done the past week and more to come:
-Legacy Comments are back – I admit, the white comment section was a mistake.
-Trashing/Props- Trashing is back to working how it’s supposed to, except now that you can see how many trashs/props a comment has gotten. The threshold for a comment to be trashed is 4, however if it has more Props than trash, it stays visible.

coming up: Top comments in articles. Defsounds Trash where the shittiest comments are showcased.

-Accounts Are back: Sorry for making you resign up, but it was the only way to do it. I

coming up: the look of profiles will change. Right now they’re just bare but all of the functionality is working.

-Defsounds Mobile

This hasn’t been a big deal for droid/blackberry users, but Defsounds now has a webapp version for the iphone/itouch/ipad …you can even stream the singles. If you have any of those devices, try it out and let us know if it works well.

Also, in case you’re wondering about the whole Top Users thing–you get points for login in daily, comments, and exploring the site amongst other things such as propped comments. We figured we’ll try it out and the user with the most points at the end of the month gets some itunes credits or something.

Anyways, remember–we’re a close knit community, DS Family, and we’ll always listen to you and take suggestions if they are for the better. Go on another site, ask em to change something to your liking and see if they listen. We’ve always been this way, talk all the shit you’d like–we’ll still be here.

Leave any thoughts/feedback below.