I’m sure you all have been keeping up with the frenzy surrounding the new TSA Body Scan procedure before boarding a plane. If you haven’t, in a nutshell, you either have your full body scanned by an xray machine that maps out your body in a gray-scale or you get a cavity search sans the anal intrusion. Pretty much, if you don’t have health insurance and need a prostate exam, head on down to your local airport.

The images taken of your full body are stored, while the government assures the public they cannot be seen by the public, hackers (those crafty fucks) have recently been capturing celebrity body scans and blasting them all over the web. Some of them landed in our in box a few minutes ago and you are not going to believe this.

That’s pretty big.

Midget Mac has a new job

That explains it all.

Officer Ricky wins.

Katt Stacks forgot something.

It’s a baby boy!