Finally, there is hope for us [twitter=DRDRE] Dr. Dre[/twitter] fans awaiting the release of Detox! (Just kidding, I’m not waiting for that lie).

The video for the first single off of “the most anticipated album in hip hop history” hit the net titillating the eyes and ears of Dr. Dre audiophiles worldwide.

With the release of the music video, it looks like Detox may hit shelves after all. Except for the fact that the “Kush” video isn’t actually a music video. In fact, it is a long ass commercial – a four minute long ass commercial, to be exact.

We all know Dr. Dre is a brand whore, evident by the below 2002 Coors Light commercial…

…and most recently, the futuristic HP ad in which it is so dangerous to watch computers being built in a lab, that one has to wear a mask…


…AND Dr. Dre (+ leather jacket) for Dr. Pepper (I see what they did there).

What do all all of these commercials have in common, aside from Dr. Dre? The 10-30 second brand shots. They all start off with the camera, or Dr. Dre going somewhere, and end up with a focus on the brand.

Where am I going with this, you may ask? Let’s take a look at “Kush.” Dre starts off hopping out of a Lambo:

He walks…walks some more  – and hey! There’s Snoop hopping out of a Dodge Durango Citadel (by the way, look at the height of the car Snoop steps out of, if it’s the Durango, Snoop has to be like 10 feet tall).

Some more walking and then: Beats By Dr. Dre headphones just casually being tossed into the crowd by the DJ…because he’s that good.

And then we’re moving again and hey-  it’s Snoop just chilling amongst many bottles of Ciroc!

Now here comes Akon making it rain in a private jet – but he’s not just making it rain: he’s ALSO on Twitter on his HP laptop, tweeting bitches smiley faces. Because bitches love smiley faces.

All in all, “Kush” is just one long ass commercial for all of Dre’s endorsements. We’ve been had.