What’s good DS fam?

I have an announcement to make…. Well you guys know it has been a long time coming as we are going to get back into user blogs.

The set-up will be different than before, and it won’t be a free for all, so let me explain what we will do.

First off you will need to send an email to DSUserBlogs@gmail.com so you can get access. You’ll send you’re user name with the request to gain approval so you will have access to DS admin as a contributor.

Once that is all set up, you can log-in to DS and create your content. Once you create the content, save it as a draft, and the blog will be proofed and published. Try to write it in proper format (just don’t have a 10000 word sentence).

After you do that, and have the blogs published it will show up DS’ homepage along with the other content from the site, and the users will have a tab on the top of the page called “User Blogs” so you can see the entire user created content in one place.

That’s really about it, so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions take to the comments below, or send them to the DSUserBlogs@gmail.com email address.

Happy Blogging!

Sidenote:  Dont trip if your request for the account isn’t set-up right away, send the request through, and they will be answered by Monday, and we’ll start getting blogs published early next week as well.