Tech N9ne is an undisputed legend, everyone loves him, his attitude, his red hair, his screaming. All in all he is a very charismatic dude; he has been featured with everyone from 2Pac to Lil Wayne. The hype on this album was immense, and who could say otherwise with “Worldwide Choppers” and “He’s A Mental Giant” dropping first? But has he delivered on his album?

Lyrics: 9

Lyrically Tech is undeniably a genius, he always shows his versatility with rapping about multiple subjects, the songs that stand out the most lyrically would have to be “Mama Nem” and “World Wide Choppers.” With lyrics such as ”He really be wicked when he off in the bottle You wit’ it, you dig it, you never lost the apostle he’s thinkin’ he can give it the poe and toss it to Picasso, killin’ everybody off is the motto” and ”Epilepsy at 18, the lupus hit her, pancreatitis was taking her but God was with her, I asked to show me something cause I was all bitter, right after that the pancreatitis had all withered,” which really shows how smart and deep Tech is… in fact, almost everybody on the album came correct lyrically. The rhyme schemes on this album are amazing, although Wayne, Snoop, E-40 didn’t match up to the lyrical finesse this album portrayed.

Production: 9

The beats on this album are really great, his beat choice is amazing. The diversification of the beats is fantastic, although some of them sound a bit alike due to the use of the same instruments. “Worldwide Choppers” and “Am I A Psycho” have extra exceptional beats. His voice is extra clean on every song as well.

Songs: 9.5

Every song on this album bangs! There is at least 4 classics on it: “So Lonely,” “Worldwide Choppers,” “Am I A Psycho,” and “He’s A Mental Giant.” That’s not to say the others aren’t, but those songs will be remembered for a while. He has his fair share of emotional songs (“So Lonely,” “Mama Nem”), bangers ( “He’s A Mental Giant,” “Worldwide Choppers” ), and club bangers ( “F**k Food”). “Pornographic” was not a good song compared to the others on the album though.

Conclusion: 9.2

Yes, Tech N9ne has this habit, called delivering. The album is a near classic. You can bang it from top to bottom without getting bored of it, and every type of Hip Hop fan, from Wayne fans, Slaughterhouse fans, Tech fans, etc are going to enjoy at least 2 songs and will have them on their iPod playlist for awhile. The album is very unique in its own respect. It’s very powerful and yet smooth at the same time. If there is something you’re going to do today, head over to the store and buy yourself a copy of the album.