Disclaimer: It has to be noted that the ratings of mixtapes aren’t to be compared to the same ratings as albums, as mixtapes ratings are compared to other mixtapes.

Love could be one of the most over-used words in the English vocabulary, but when a rapper says it, he usually means it. Jadakiss’ latest mixtape I Love You is dedicated to his fans for supporting him through it all, but will the fans love it back?

Production: 9.5

[twitter=therealkiss]Jadakiss[/twitter] has an ear for beats, and he picks the right one for every track on the project. ”Rock Wit Me” is the core in this head nodding tape. The beat on ”Lil Brah” gives the perfect platform for the D-Block general to spit his story, or rather instructions. The beats on this tape make sure you’re entertained through the whole song. Some people might not like the tempo on some of the songs, although we will have to disagree with them, that aspect will make Kiss lose a few points on the overall score for production.

Lyrics: 10

How can you expect any less from J-A-double-muah? In fact, if you do, you should go one yourself right now. Every bar on “Lil Brah” makes it a lyrical masterpiece. ”The devil does things in the worst ways, I’m in the ER waiting to hear what the nurse say, I done payed for more funerals than birthdays” and ”We gon drink till the sun light, listen, I’m not doing it less it’s done right.” Which pretty much defines this mixtape.

Songs: 10

Great beats, lyricism, story-telling, diversification, these songs are certified bangers, front to back. The tape is full of soulful singing on the hooks and then the hard hitting bars from Kiss coming in straight after. The tape seems almost flawless in this department; every song is entertaining as can be, and it’s so hard to pick out the stand-out tracks, because every song holds it own against each other.

Overall: 9.8

I Love You is nearly perfect in all facets, and you can really tell Jadakiss does love his fans by giving them a tape of this caliber. What can be a more brilliant way to get his fans hyped for his album, Top 5 Dead Or Alive, which drops on the 31st of May, than to drop a classic tape? What else can I really say, but?  AHAA!


You can download Jadakiss’ I Love You here.