After going through all the label politricks with Universal, and now independent doing his own thing, the Mixtape Messiah is giving us some to bang, as Chamillionaire is back with a mixtape to feed his fans who have been starving waiting on new music from the Houston emcee. Will the fans still be  hungry once they’re done listening to the tape?

Beat Selection/Production: 9

Production…well umm, the beat choice is excellent,  while a couple of them get annoying, you still can’t take away that tracks like ”Living Better”, ”This Is My World”, and ”When Ya On” are PERFECT. His voice sounds as smooth as ever on these tracks like they were mixed by Scott Storch. The southern gritty sound is right there with a mix of modern industry. If you listened to Chamillionaire’s Major Pain, you’d have an idea of how Major Pain 1.5 sounds like.

Lyrics: 10

Lyrically Cham is always correct; it’s just something you can’t disprove. Choruses can’t come more perfect. Is there anybody that mixes punchlines and stories so perfectly? Lines like : ”I’m like, What you talking about, like everybody’s a Willis” and ”How they going to talk about what you never accomplish? Like they done, done something that’s worthy of my responses” Will straight up give you goose bumps. There are very few rappers that can take a track that had Eminem on it, and hold their own or in this case handle the track better than he did.

Songs: 9.2

Every track has that unique Cham feel on it, he makes his presence known. You can listen to every track on that mixtape 100 times and you won’t lose interest, you might understand some lines after the 100th listen, but if you listened to Major Pain and now Major Pain 1.5 , you will find a slight similarity, which takes away points from the songs score, that strip it of a perfect 10. Also ”Tone For Life” by Chamillionaire affiliate Famous gives you an impression that he could be pretty good when his mixtape, Watch Ya Tone vol.4, is everything but.

Conclusion: 9.5

Chamillionaire would never give us anything less than incredible, he’s raised the bar so high that he can’t drop anything without lifting it. This is real Hip-Hop right here, in fact, compared to some mixtapes this one might have received a 10 , but compared to [twitter=Chamillionaire]Chamillionaire[/twitter]’s standards this mixtape gets a 9.5 . Get ready for gritty, unique, smooth, soulful, and hardcore tracks. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty full right now…


Download: Chamillionaire – Major Pain 1.5 here.

Review by: Tekk