When was the last time you saw over 50,000 people sign a petition to get a release date for an album? More then likely this is the first time you’ve ever heard of or experienced this, but that’s the kind of influence rapper [twitter=LupeFiasco]Lupe Fiasco[/twitter] has on his fans. His music so inspiring, so popular, so wanted, that his fans will rally together in order to assure that it is never stopped from hitting the air waves. So after all of those petitions, and a war of words between Lupe and Atlantic, Lasers has been finally  released to Lupe fans all over the world. But now the question becomes, is this Lupe’s album, or Atlantic’s?

Lyrics: 9

When you do something the right way, or very well more then likely it will seem like you have done nothing at all. For the casual hip hop fan, Lupe will not come across as someone who is overwhelmingly talented with lyrics, but this album is so in depth with lyrical content that it would be hard to rate it anything less then a 9. The best part of the lyrics, and something that is not usually highlighted in most scoring sections for lyrics, is Lupe’s superior ability to pace himself. In layman’s terms, despite being extremely versatile, he never seems overwhelmed on the tracks, and fits snugly into every single beat.

Production: 9

There was a large amount of electro, and dance influence in the production of this album. Lupe did a great job with diversifying the beats on this album, so much as not to bore the listener with one monotone sound. The up-tempo flow on many of these songs will work well, when they hit the radio, because they are very infectious and easy to listen to. Its not that the beats are so much better then anything else that he has ever done, the grade comes from his ability to incorporate different genre styles without straying away from his core (Hip Hop).

Songs: 9

This album more then any other Lupe album is filled with hits, the kind of songs that can play over and over on the radio, then once it falls out of that rotation, it goes into the specialized play list that everyone seems to have on their iPods now. “Words I never Said” and “Letting Go” are by far the best songs on the album, but “Never Forget You” featuring John Legend, “Coming Up” feat MDMA, and “Out of My Head” featuring Trey Songs, can easily be radio hits. Lupe hit a home run on almost every track. It doesn’t have the same natural flow of  Food and Liquor, or  The Cool but it’s still a very solid product.

Conclusion: 9

If only Lupe could be as impressed by this album as many listeners will be, through all of the fighting he did with them, it looks like their two suggested songs, “Never Forget You,” and “The Show Goes On” were dead on. Great albums are never just work of an artist alone; it is a group effort from several parties who all add a small portion of assistance to make something that will eventually be great. Lupe is a great artist, but until he learns to find the middle ground between his creativity, and collaboration with Atlantic, he will continue to be at war, and could eventually defeat himself as well as the label in the process.