Lil Wayne…A man who needs no introduction. Since his release from Rikers… Hip Hop (some might even say the world)  has been anticipating Weezy’s newest addition to the Carter series, Tha Carter IV. So the big question is, did the C4 bomb, or is it *the* bomb?

Production: 8

I’m sure we all remember a while back when Wayne made his “I’m not the best rapper anymore” statement, he also criticized the producers on C4 for giving him lack luster beats. After hearing the album, I half agree with Mr. Carter. Tracks such as “Blunt Blowin,” “I Got Some Money on Me” and the infamous “How to Love” make you wonder if Wayne got tired of looking through mediocre beats and just picked the first beats in his inbox. On the other hand, tracks like “She Will,” “I Like the View” and the Intro/Interlude/Outro beat make you think Wayne was just looking for some buzz for the album. Like all his albums, Wayne does a good job of not making the production feel repetitive or stale, even when the same beat is used three times. Overall, the production is neither groundbreaking nor sub par, but very solid.

Lyrics: 7.8

Here is where the big debate lies; is Wayne a lyrical monster or a one-liner-one trick pony? Depending on who you ask, you’re sure to get either one of these answers, but nothing in between. Lines like this from “How to Hate” “They say love is the key, somebody changed the lock” and “And all I had to do was put two and two together, but that just makes four, but not four-ever, damn” are classic Wayne one-liners. The most lyrical track in which Wayne actually spits, is easily “President Carter,” otherwise the most lyrically inclined tracks are “Interlude” and the “Outro.” Overall the lyrics are decent, but one would expect something a little better from a rapper often mentioned in “Best Rapper Alive” debates.

Songs: 7.7

For an MC whose content is known for jumping all over the place and not keeping focus, the variety of songs on Tha C4 isnt that bad at all. While the content is nothing compared to that of the tracks on Watch The Throne or Section.80, but for someone who’s best material comes from his mixtapes, this is not bad. Wayne offers a few songs for the ladies wit “So Special” and “How to Hate.” There aren’t quite as many radio friendly tracks as C3 but “John,” “6 foot 7 foot” and “She Will” are sure to get (or cont to get) heavy airplay. Tracks such as “Megaman,” the controversial “Its Good” and “Abortion” are classic Wayne freestyle-esque songs with seemingly no subject.

Overall: 7.8

Some will see Tha Carter 4 as the return of “the best rapper alive,” others will see it as another poor attempt from Wayne. As someone on Def Sounds said, this could be Weezy’s Relapse where he’s shaking off the cob webs and will follow it up wit a near classic album. This seems entirely possible as tracks like “I Like the View,” “President Carter,” “Novacane” and “Up Up n Away” see Wayne starting to get back the type of music that made people like me a fan. It is by no means a wack album, and after a few listens I’m convinced it’s at least as good or quite possibly better than the C3. However, because of songs like “How to Love,” “Mirror” and “Blunt Blowin,”I dont think it’s quite good enough to be an 8, but Wayne has proven that he has the potential to create a classic with the improvements that he has made during his last couple of projects, so maybe the next album will be the one that the fans have been waiting for.