The R.E.D. Album…The album we thought would never drop is finally here, and without a doubt it was one of the most hyped albums of all time. Everyone wanted another Documentary, no one was settling for another L.A.X. Game back in the studio with Dr. Dre could only mean good things…right?

Lyrics: 8.7

For the most part, Game and company came very correct on the album, but on occasions just fell short as corny or mediocre. Why do people keep getting Ross on their albums? He offers nothing lyrically and cannot flow. “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,” “Ricky,” and “Speakers On Blast” were the most lyrically exceptional tracks on the album. “Martians vs. Goblins” also has to be mentioned. Exceptional lines: ”My daddy used to beat up on my mama all day, so I took my Chronic album and slept in the hallway.” and ”I bang and then I hang out at the Staples like Blake Griffin,You can tell I’m getting money the way that glass house is sitting, I mash out the strip then like Nas when I’m dippin, Feeling like God’s Son, the way that It Was Written”

Production: 9

This has been a great year for producers! The beats on this album bang, almost all of them. Production stand-outs: “Drug Test,” “Martians vs Goblins,” “Speakers On Blast,” and especially the “Zombie Nation” sample on “Red Nation.” The R.E.D. Album is perfectly mixed, and there is a lot of diversification on this project.

Songs: 9

The songs on The R.E.D. Album are so enjoyable, and some take you back to when Dre used to say “Ain’t Nothin’ but A G Thang.” Like always, there are a lot of artists on this album and it combines all their styles together into an absolute beauty. Young Jeezy comes correct on the chorus on “Paramedics” to provide a banger, while Chris Browns singing on “Pot Of Gold” comes off absolutely stunning and soulful at the same time. The album has its fair share of bangers, stories, deep tracks, and tracks for the ladies. Unfortunately, some of the features simply did not come correct and some of them were too soft for my taste. Best tracks on the album : ”Martians vs Goblins,” “Good Girls Gone Bad,” “Ricky,” “Speakers On Blast,” and that’s not taking anything away from the other tracks.

Conclusion: 8.9

The R.E.D. Album is a great addition to Game’s already extensive catalog, as he really did deliver here. He usually hits us with a new flow on every album, and the way he utilized his raspy voice mixed with his hardcore flow and his ”Fuck the world” attitude brings charisma to every track. I for one did not like how he indirectly said he is better than Eminem and Jay-Z, he is not top 5 DOA. Overall this is a great album, but then again, how can it not be with Big Boi, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, DJ Premier production and a still hungry Game on it?