For this month’s Def Sounds Indie Spotlight we feature S-Mak, who received a tremendous response when we introduced the LA rep to you with his “6 Minute: Live From La Freestyle.” At the time of hearing the freestyle, I knew I had to reach out, and get S-Mak featured in the spotlight. With that said, look-out for S-Mak to make a major impact on the industry… as he is extremely talented, and I don’t see too many emcee’s touching Mak when it comes to skills on the mic.

Read up on S-Mak, download/stream his 2-part 20-20 mixtape series that contains 40 tracks of straight heat, Side A: Uprise and Side B: Aftermath, and take to the comment section to leave your thoughts and opinions on the extremely talented 25 year old emcee, who I could soon see at the forefront of the West.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Scott Antilla Thomas, better known as S-MAK, is a rebel with a cause who has plenty to say. The young up and coming emcee is not playing around when it comes to bars and is definitely not someone to sleep on! At the young age of 25, S-MAK has gone from the streets to the recording studio, taking every experience with him while creating not only a vehicle, but also a movement to communicate his message. After leaking his double mixtape, “20 20″ with over forty songs worth of material from the past couple of years, S-MAK has his eyes set on “MadMak,” which is his first official mixtape release packed with all new original music hosted by DJ Skee with production by THX, Swiff D and Ric Rude. “MadMak” will be releasing in Spring 2012.




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